“Katy Perry’s Electrifying Performance in Neon Bodysuit and Pink Suspender Leggings at Wango Tango LA!”

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Katy Perry chose a modest yellow jumper for her arrival at the KIIS FM Wango Tango event. However, the singer went back to her usual sexy persona as she performed on stage in a daring outfit during the annual radio station bash in Los Angeles last Saturday. Perry, 32, flaunted her captivating voice while wearing a revealing ensemble consisting of a neon bodysuit with a futuristic design, pink suspender leggings that were tight-fitting, and silver boots that completed her look. Don’t miss the video below!

All eyes on her: Katy proved hard to miss at the KIIS FM'S Wango Tango event in Los Angeles earlier on in the day

Katy Perry, an American singer and songwriter aged 32, stole the show at the KIIS FM’S Wango Tango event in Los Angeles on Saturday. As one of the main performers of the event, Katy was hard to miss as she donned a bright one-piece attire adorned with silver embellishments throughout. To enhance her slender waistline, she sported a thick silver belt connected to a choker around her neck. The pop star flaunted her toned legs in bubblegum pink latex leggings designed with suspenders. Katy completed her look with shiny silver exposed zipper boots that provided her with enough comfort to deliver a stellar performance on stage.

Sexy display: The singer donned a funky neon bodysuit, tight pink suspender leggings and silver boots as she showcased her vocal prowess

The performer showed off her vocal skills while wearing a stylish neon bodysuit, paired with tight pink suspenders and silver boots to create a funky and eye-catching look.

Sizzling: As one of the event's main performers, Katy pulled out all the stops in her attire which consisted of the bright one-piece with silver embellished detailing throughout

Katy, one of the main performers at the event, made sure to stand out with her outfit. She wore a bright one-piece with silver embellishments and matching latex gloves, completing the look with white rimmed sunglasses. Her short blonde pixie cut, which she debuted in April, added to her tan from her recent trip to Mexico. She performed some of her biggest hits, including E.T., Firework, and Dark Horse, and put on an animated show that thrilled the crowds. Earlier in the day, Katy arrived at the Wango Tango red carpet wearing a bright yellow jumper dress with grey sections. Overall, Katy’s fashion choices made a statement and showcased her unique style.

Fashionista: A thick silver belt cinched in her trim midriff and was adjoined to a choker around her neck

The fashion-savvy woman sported a stylish ensemble featuring a wide silver belt that hugged her toned waist and was paired with a choker necklace around her neck.

Flashing flesh: The star paired the look with bubblegum pink latex leggings which boasted suspender style design - teasing at her enviably toned legs

Flashing flesh: The star paired the look with bubblegum pink latex leggings which boasted suspender style design - teasing at her enviably toned legs

The celebrity rocked a daring outfit that highlighted her toned legs. She paired a suspender-style bubblegum pink latex leggings with the look, showing off some skin.

Standing tall: She boosted her height with a pair of shiny silver exposed zipper boots which gave her enough comfort to perform up a storm on stage

Standing proudly: She elevated her stature by slipping into a pair of eye-catching silver boots with visible zippers, providing her the confidence to deliver an electrifying performance on stage.

Accessorising: The Roar songstress wore matching latex gloves to match and accessorized with white rimmed shades

Fun: She seemed to be having a blast on stage

The singer of Roar, Katy Perry, wore latex gloves that matched her outfit and accessorized with white sunglasses. She referred to her recent trip as a “working vacation” and compared it to an “office by the beach.” During an interview on the red carpet, Perry mentioned that she felt like she was landing a spaceship in her outfit. On Friday, the singer released a video for her song Bon Appetit featuring rap group Migos, which showed her being covered in flour while male chefs kneaded her like pizza dough. When asked about the music video during an interview with KIIS-FM, Perry stated that her new album represented different types of liberation, including mental, sexual, negative, and spiritual.

Mane attraction: Katy showed off her short blonde pixie cut that she debuted in April while looking tan from her recent trip to Mexico

Katy flaunted her new short blonde pixie cut, which she first revealed in April, while sporting a sun-kissed glow from her recent vacation in Mexico.

Doing what she does best: The American beauty seemed in her element as she put on quite the animated display while thrilling the crowds

The stunning American lady appeared to be in her zone, showcasing a lively performance that delighted the audience.

Going solo: She proved to be the ultimate one woman show

Flying solo: She demonstrated herself to be the ultimate one-person act.

Multi-talented: Katy even busted out some serious dance moves while on stage

Katy’s versatility shone through as she even impressed the audience with some impressive dance moves during her performance.

California Girl: Katy Perry looked every bit the pop star as she arrived to Wango Tango in Los Angeles on Saturday, one day after releasing her racy video for Bon Appetit

Katy, the California Girl, turned heads when she stepped onto the Wango Tango red carpet in a vibrant yellow jumpsuit dress with gray accents. This was just one of her many bold fashion choices that have made a statement throughout her career.

Bon Appetit indeed: She was fed a pie in the spirit of her new single by KIIS-FM host Chuey Martinez

It was a delicious moment as KIIS-FM host Chuey Martinez treated her to a pie in celebration of her latest single. Bon Appetit indeed!

Very Perry: The bright frock was on brand with Katy's attention-catching outfits

Katy Perry’s vibrant dress perfectly aligns with her signature attention-grabbing fashion choices. In a recent interview, the singer discussed the upcoming release of her latest work, emphasizing the theme of liberation from the soul. During the interview, the KIIS-FM hosts even gifted Katy a pie in honor of her new song’s edible inspiration. On the red carpet, Katy’s yellow dress stood out against the popular black and white color scheme worn by other celebrities such as Halsey, Camilla Cabello, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Corinne Olympios, and Olivia Holt.

Leading lady: She kicked off the concert which also featured Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey and Niall Horan.

The star of the show took the stage first, setting the tone for a night filled with performances from top artists like Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, Hailee Steinfeld, Halsey, and Niall Horan.

Center of attention: All eyes were on the singer during her hit-packed set

The singer had everyone’s undivided attention as she rocked the stage with her hit songs.

Bright as a firework: The singers yellow dress highlighted the tan she got while vacationing in Mexico earlier this week

Bright as a firework: The singers yellow dress highlighted the tan she got while vacationing in Mexico earlier this week

Like a burst of fireworks, the singer’s vibrant yellow dress accentuated the sun-kissed glow she acquired during her recent trip to Mexico.

Famous friends: Katy posted a video with Miley Cyrus, encouraging people to buy her new single Malibu on iTunes

Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus recently teamed up in a video, where they urged their fans to purchase Miley’s latest single, Malibu, from iTunes. The duo’s celebrity status is well-known, making their collaboration an exciting one for fans. Katy’s endorsement of Miley’s new track is sure to further boost its popularity.

Surprise: Miley and her sister Noah (R) surprise their mom Tish (C) with a birthday cake on stage

Miley Cyrus surprised her mom Tish on stage with a birthday cake alongside her sister Noah. During the recent Wango Tango concert, fellow performer Katy Perry praised Miley’s new single “Malibu” and compared it to “liberation station”. Miley responded with excitement and ocean wave emojis. Other popular artists such as Niall Horan, Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, Hailee Steinfeld, and Camila Cabello also performed at the event.

Cyrus sister: Noah Cyrus wore a pair of baggy overalls with black boots for the red carpet.

Noah Cyrus, the sister of Cyrus, opted for a comfortable yet stylish look on the red carpet as she donned a pair of loose-fitting overalls matched with black boots.

Debut: The younger Cyrus debuted a new song called I'm Stuck as she performed on the village stage

Opening Act: Noah Cyrus made her debut with a fresh track named I’m Stuck while taking the stage in the village. Ryan Seacrest and his mother Connie introduced her after Katy’s performance. The artist began her set on the main stage with her popular song Stay Together. Along with Aaron Carter and Hey Violet, she also performed on the village stage earlier in the day at the event.

Using her platform: Noah switched into this black and red sporty outfit with platform shoes for her performance on the main stage

Noah utilized her platform by donning a stylish black and red sportswear ensemble paired with platform shoes during her performance on the primary stage.

Mother's Day: KIIS-FM radio host Ryan Seacrest hit the stage with his mother Connie

On a special occasion like Mother’s Day, KIIS-FM radio host Ryan Seacrest decided to honor his mother Connie by performing with her on stage. Meanwhile, the Cyrus family celebrated their matriarch Tish’s birthday a day before Mother’s Day. Miley shared a lovely picture of her mom in between her and sister Noah before they performed their sets on stage. Miley expressed her love for her mother and excitement to watch Noah perform at Wango Tango that night.

Big reveal: Hailee Steinfeld hit the stage wearing a silver jacket over an intricate black and gold ensemble

Exciting news! Hailee Steinfeld made a grand entrance on stage donning a shiny silver jacket paired with a stunning black and gold outfit. The details were simply mesmerizing.

Not so innocent: Her set began with sound problems, but she got her groove back, wearing a black and gold bra top while singing her song Most Girls

Starting off with a few technical glitches, her performance was far from innocent. But the talented artist managed to regain her rhythm and captivate the audience with her hit song, “Most Girls”. Donning a stunning black and gold bra top, she oozed confidence and style on stage. The highlight of the show was when she invited Tish to join her on stage and led the entire arena in singing Happy Birthday to her beloved mother. The surprise appearance of Miley, clad in a white tank top and jean shorts, added to the excitement as she rolled out a birthday cake. Tish looked chic in her denim-on-denim outfit as she basked in the love and adoration of the cheering crowd.

Solo star: Former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello wore a blinged out jacket with white pants and black heels on the red carpet

Camila Cabello, the ex-member of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony, made quite a statement on the red carpet with her stunning outfit. She donned a glitzy jacket that was bedazzled with shiny embellishments, which she paired with crisp white pants and sleek black heels. Her fashion sense definitely turned heads and stole the show!

Bad Things: She performed her hit song with Machine Gun Kelly (L) during the festival

Not-so-Good Stuff: Hailee Steinfeld rocked her famous song alongside Machine Gun Kelly (L) at the recent festival. Her show began with the hit single Starving; however, it was disrupted by a sudden sound outage. Taking the incident lightly, she asked her fans, “I guess this stuff happens, right?” and waited patiently for the problem to be resolved while enduring an uncomfortable silence. Fortunately, the issue was resolved promptly, and she resumed her performance without any further inconvenience.

A night of black and white outfits: Singer Halsey shocked in sheer white pants at the event

A night of black and white outfits: Singer Halsey shocked in sheer white pants at the event

At a recent event, there was a black and white dress code. Singer Halsey turned heads with her transparent white pants. Actress Hailee, who was rumored to have a relationship with Justin Bieber, wore matching silver jackets with her dance crew, which she later took off to reveal a beautifully adorned outfit. She then revealed a black bra top with gold buttons while performing her hit songs, including You’re Such A, Love Myself, and Most Girls.

One Direction member Niall Horan was one of the concert's headliners with his solo material

Niall Horan, a member of the popular boy band One Direction, stole the show as one of the headliners of the concert with his solo material. Camila Cabello, who used to be part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, made a surprise appearance during Machine Gun Kelly’s set and sang their hit song called Bad Things. Her outfit was definitely eye-catching, with a blinged-out jacket paired with white jeans and black heels, as she confidently strutted across the stage. Not to be outdone, Niall Horan also performed a selection of his own songs from his solo career, which have been making waves outside of One Direction, the band that first propelled him to fame.

White hot: Miley Cyrus returned to the stage after a nearly two-year hiatus from music wearing an earring that read Liam for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus made a scorching comeback on stage, following a break of almost two years from music. To add to the already heated atmosphere, she was spotted sporting an earring that spelled out ‘Liam’ in honor of her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

The ring is on: The 24-year-old singer also seemed to be wearing the engagement ring from Liam that he gave her in 2012 before they called things off the year after

Miley Cyrus recently hit the stage after a long break from the music scene. She performed three songs including her latest single Malibu, a rendition of Dolly Parton’s Jolene and her 2013 hit We Can’t Stop. Fans noticed that she was sporting what appeared to be the engagement ring that Liam Hemsworth had given her back in 2012 before their breakup the following year. To further pay tribute to her beau, she wore an earring with his name on it during the show.

'Our 14,000th Wango Tango': Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine joked with the audience about the amount of times they have played at KIIS-FM's annual concert

During the annual KIIS-FM concert, known as Wango Tango, Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine entertained the crowd with a joke about their frequent appearances, quipping that it was their “14,000th Wango Tango.” However, one of the standout moments of the night was Halsey’s performance of “Closer,” her hit collaboration with DJ duo The Chainsmokers. As Los Angeles natives, Maroon 5 expressed gratitude for the support of their hometown fans.

In sync: AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson did a song and dance for the audience

The Backstreet Boys, consisting of AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson, graced the stage with their iconic music and choreography for the audience’s enjoyment. The group showcased a wide array of their popular hits including Moves Like Jagger, This Love, Don’t Wanna Know, Harder To Breathe and One More Night. The band members, namely Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, and Howie Dorough, concluded the event with a spectacular performance of their greatest hits. Additionally, Aaron Carter, Nick’s younger brother, also entertained the crowd earlier at the Wango Tango village stage.

Sweet end: After her energetic set, Katy rewarded herself with some cake at The Nice Guy

Katy indulged in a delicious dessert at The Nice Guy to cap off her lively performance.

Let her eat cake: She seemed thrilled as she cowed down on the sweet treat

Let her eat cake: It was a great reward at the end of a long day

Indulging in cake: Her face lit up with joy as she savored every bite of the delectable dessert.

Attention-grabber: Katy donned a funky glittering multi-coloured top as she emerged from the upscale eatery

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