BOOKS NOT LOOKS Kardashian inner circle members go to Harvard – Travis Scott, Blac Chyna and even Kim crack open books at Ivy League

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BOOKS NOT LOOKS Kardashian inner circle members go to Harvard – Travis Scott, Blac Chyna and even Kim crack open books at Ivy League

SEVERAL Kardashian inner circle members have recently set their sights on Harvard University.

Travis Scott, 32, revealed he plans to attend the esteemed university once his Circus Maximus Tour is complete and Kim, 43, was shown giving a lecture at the Crimson during an episode of The Kardashians.

In an interview for GQ’s Men of the Year Issue, Travis, who shares two children – Stormi and Aire – with ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 26, opened up about his plans for the future.

The rapper revealed that he’s decided to momentarily shift his attention away from music to pursue another of his interests, architecture.

He told interviewer, Chris Heath: “I’m going to Harvard for architecture school,” while also mentioning that he was well-versed in the admissions process and had already visited the university.

“I got to work hard to get in. They’re not letting me take any shortcuts,” he admitted before revealing he plans to start courses once his Circus Maximus Tour is completed at the end of this coming January.

“Well, I told myself after this album I was going to go in. So after the tour,” he said.

When asked if he’ll be taking classes full-time, the Highest in the Room singer revealed that he plans to take a full course load and that might even move to Boston to focus on his studies.

Travis admitted: “It’d probably be like four years,” while also ᴀssuring, “I’m still going to make music, of course.”

The Utopia artist confessed: “I’ve always been into structural design and structural engineering and, you know, trying to just build all different type of things, right?

“When you start seeing how odd things can be shaped and then see how they can structurally work, it’s interesting. And I’m always trying to be like an ultimate problem solver.”

Travis concluded: “A lot of things intrigue me. Like, I’m doing rehearsals now and I’m always asking questions about even just structural and staging and how it can be built.”


Former Shark Tank host Matt Higgins, along with Leonard Schlesinger and Ayelet Israeli, invited Kim to speak about her shapewear brand Skims in a Harvard Business School class.

Kim’s visit was featured on Season Four, Episode Two of The Kardashians, though due to Harvard policy camera access was limited.

The Hulu star revealed in a confessional: “The cameras couldn’t come into the class at Harvard.

“It’s like a ‘sacred room.’ But it was such a fascinating class. It was about the thought process that’s behind our campaigns, our drops, our launches, [and] what materials we use.

She continued: “So much the class wouldn’t ᴀssume that I would be involved in. This stuff will never get old to me.”

Matt, who is an executive fellow at Harvard Business School, provided details about what occurred behind closed doors when talking with Today after the episode aired.

The Burn the Boats author revealed that the Skims founder was asked to speak to the class about direct-to-consumer brands. Kim, along with makeup artist Bobbi Brown and actor Scarlett Johansson, was invited to take part in the class’s sub-series about celebrity-led brands.

Matt told interviewer Elena Nicoleau: “When you have a celebrity-led brand that uses their storytelling ability and their audience to communicate their product in a compelling and engaging way, [direct-to-consumer] business becomes more viable.”

During the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum’s course, Kim and Skims chief executive Jens Grede opened up about their business and answered questions from the Harvard Business School students in attendance.

Matt bragged about Kim’s demeanor when fielding the questions, admitting that he was “very impressed” with the reality TV star’s presence.

He revealed: “She knew her numbers inside and out, she had thoughtful reasoning about her go-to-market strategy and why they’ve stayed DTC, she had a concrete philosophy around product quality and how she ensures it. The range of her understanding and involvement with the business is impressive.

Matt also stated that Kim was “honest and vulnerable” in regard to the mistakes she had made in her career.

Higgins also shared some of the TV personality’s quotes from the class, which included: “The key to our success has been the product. Nothing makes me happier than to see a complete hater falling in love with Skims” and “I really wanted the brand to be able to speak for itself, and that’s something I’ve always been aware and really conscious of throughout this process.”

Kim also added: “It comes down to being authentic to who you are and what your brand stands for. And making sure that the product is able to speak for itself, no matter what.”


In 2019, Blac Chyna, who now goes by her birth name Angela White, enrolled in an online course at Harvard Business School, as reported by TMZ.

Rob Kardashian’s ex, with whom he shares their daughter Dream, application was approved according to an admissions letter obtained by the outlet.

Chyna, 35, told TMZ: “Where I’m at now is a stage of realization and growth

“I want to be great for myself and my kids. School is going to help me take things up a couple of notches. People are always talking about me, might as well talk about the good. I’m excited for the next chapter.”

Chyna also shares a son King Cairo with her ex Tyga.

The Analytics course, which at the time cost $1,500, was created to help students develop a data mindset and the analytical skills to interpret and communicate data.

According to People, there are no admissions requirements besides filling out educational history and current job status on the application.

Harvard later disputed the admissions letter in a statement to TMZ, which stated: “Harvard Business School Online has not admitted nor provided an acceptance letter to a person named Angela White.

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