“Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Enviable Curves in Khaki Dress, Reflects on Pregnancy Weight Gain as a Blessing in Disguise”

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On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian made quite an entrance as she left her New York City apartment. The 34-year-old celebrity, known for her reality TV appearances, decided to flaunt a stunning outfit that looked like it was straight off the runway. Her khaki dress hugged her curves perfectly, and she paired it with a long leather coat. With her slicked-back hair and flawless makeup, Kim’s serious expression completed her brooding look.

And strut! Kim Kardashian turned the sidewalk into her catwalk as she strode out of her NYC apartment on Wednesday in a stunning green dress

Kim Kardashian confidently made her way out of her NYC apartment on Wednesday, turning the sidewalk into her personal catwalk in a gorgeous green dress. The reality TV star and mother of one has been vocal about her hopes to have more children with her husband, rapper Kanye West. In previous interviews, she shared that they were trying for another baby and that she would like to have at least two children. However, in a recent interview, Kim revealed her determination to maintain better weight control if she were to become pregnant again.

Cool customer: The reality star, 34, slicked back her hair and completed her look with a full-length leather coat and strappy heels

Cool customer: The reality star, 34, slicked back her hair and completed her look with a full-length leather coat and strappy heels

The 34-year-old reality star recently appeared in public sporting a slicked-back hairdo along with a full-length leather coat and strappy heels. Kim, who added around 50lbs during her first pregnancy, revealed to Elle magazine that she now perceives her weight gain as a valuable lesson from God. She shared with the publication her thoughts about the experience, saying, “I believed God had a reason for doing this, like He was trying to send me a message. He was letting me know that despite me thinking I’m hot, He could still do something to change me. My body went wild and out of control.”

Flawless: Kim's make-up was perfectly set with not an eyelash out of place

The flawless Kim had her make-up perfectly set with not a single eyelash out of place. She expressed how after five months of being pregnant, she swore she never wanted to be pregnant again because of how huge she felt and how it felt like someone else had taken control of her body. Although Kim and Kanye are based in Los Angeles, they do not have a ready-to-live-in home in the city. They decided against living in the Bel Air mansion they purchased back in 2013 while Kim was pregnant. Presently, they are residing with Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, in Calabasas. However, in August, they were rumored to be buying a luxury $20 million home in Hidden Hills, which is nearby.

Never again! Kim, pictured here while heavily pregnant with North in May last year, says she is determined not to gain as much weight in the event she gets pregnant again after gaining around 50lbs previously

Kim Kardashian, who gained approximately 50lbs during her last pregnancy with her daughter North in May last year, has declared that she does not want to gain as much weight if and when she gets pregnant again. She admits that the experience was quite challenging for her, and she is determined to do things differently next time around.

Flanked: Kim was joined by her ever-faithful BFF Jonathan Cheban 

Accompanied by her loyal bestie Jonathan Cheban, Kim was surrounded.

Who needs Kanye? Kim was joined by her pal Jonathan in New York 

Who needs Kanye when you have good company? Kim Kardashian was spotted in New York with her close friend Jonathan by her side.

Looking for her next shock outfit: Kim and Jonathan spent the day shopping 

Kim and Jonathan went on a shopping spree in search of Kim’s next daring ensemble.

All in a day's work: The pair strutted around NYC and were followed by a number of fans 

It was just another regular day on the job for the duo as they strolled through the bustling city of New York, garnering attention from numerous admirers who couldn’t resist following them around.

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