Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly need to ‘address toxic relationship’ says expert

By admin Feb11,2024

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a ‘toxic relationship’ that needs to be ‘addressed’ according to an expert.

Megan has made a series of revelations about her personal life and her emotions in her new book of poems Pretty Boys Are Poisonous including referring to her romance with a “32-year-old narcissist.” The person in question appears to be MGK.

However, despite seemingly referring to her fiance as a “narcissist” relationship expert Louella Alderson, co-founder of the So Syncd dating app says that the book may not have a big imapct on their relationship because he would likely have helped Megan pick what words to publish.

She explained: “MGK is an artist, and he understands the creative process and how events in one’s life can inspire their art. It’s possible that Megan’s book may bring up some uncomfortable feelings for both of them, especially if her poems are inspired by him and their relationship. However, as an artist, MGK could appreciate her poems’ raw and honest nature and understand that it’s a form of expression for her.

“As they are in a relationship, it’s likely that MGK has read the poems before they were published and has supported Megan in sharing her work with the world. Her poems could have helped them have important conversations about their relationship and how she feels about MGK.”

But Louella did admit that if Megan really believes her fiance is a “narcissist” and an incurable “addiction” then the relationship is showing signs of toxicity that need to be addressed. She said: “If Megan believes MGK is a narcissist and an addiction she can’t cure, then this indicates underlying issues in their relationship that need to be addressed. The poems indicate a potentially toxic relationship. Being in a position where you think your fiance is a narcissist is not healthy, and it’s important for them to address these issues and work towards a healthier relationship.”

Louella also confirmed her belief that couples therapy could be a possibility for Megan and MGK after they previously successfully underwent treatment following a brief break-up in February. She said: “Couples’ therapy can be beneficial for them as it provides a safe and neutral space for both parties to communicate effectively and work through any conflicts or issues in their relationship. It’s possible that they are continuing with therapy on a regular basis to keep working towards a healthy relationship and address any challenges that arise, or they may choose to attend couples therapy only when they are going through a tough patch.

“Therapy can also help them develop better communication skills, which is crucial for a successful long-term relationship.Couples’ therapy worked for them in the past, so turning to it when facing new challenges in their relationship could be a positive step for both Megan and MGK. It shows that they are committed to working through any issues and strengthening their bond as a couple.”

And Louella believes the poems could even be beneficial for the relationship as writing out your feelings can act as therapy within itself. She added: “Megan’s poems appear to be a form of personal therapy for her too. They are an outlet where she can express her feelings and emotions about current and past relationships. Therapy and other coping mechanisms can help individuals deal with difficult emotions and past traumas, which could ultimately benefit their relationships.”

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