When Megan Fox Said, “Men Are Afraid Of Vag*nas” & Declared It To Be Her Secret To Being A Powerful Woman

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Megan Fox is beautiful, and she knows and owns it with great confidence. The Jennifer’s Body star is known for her infamous interviews where she, at times, goes unfiltered and just shares her views unapologetically. In a similar way, she once shared her secret power that captivated her fans, and it was the sort of answer one would expect from the actress.

Fox recently appeared in the film The Expendables 4 alongside Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and others. The film has not been doing so well at the box office, but that will surely not impact the fame of the Transformers actress, who, a few days back stunned everyone with her new look. The actress has always been really about her s*xuality, and she even once confessed to being in a relationship with a stripper.

Megan Fox is H๏τ, and she knows it; she knew it for years and has been probably one of the flag bearers of the s*xiest bad girls in Hollywood. Once, in an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2009, Fox shared the explanation behind why she is admired so much, especially by men. She, unhinging, cited the reason behind her popularity as “A powerful, confident vag*na.” She added, “Men are scared of vag*nas,” while spilling the secret to when a woman is at her most capable self when they are completely in charge of their s*xuality.

In the same interview, Megan Fox shed light on how she wanted her personal life to be seen in the public eye, given her celebrity status. She said, “I don’t really want to share myself with the public; I want to deflect attention from my reality.” That thinking surely fueled people’s curiosity about her who wanted to know her in depth.

On the work front, Megan Fox is in The Expendables 4, starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham, and the film released in the theatres on September 22nd.

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