Katy Perry seems to be making a successful transition as a step-mom

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Katy Perry seems to be making a successful transition as a step-mom.

Katy Perry gained a lot when she got into a relationship with Orlando Bloom in 2016, and we’re not just referring to the hunky actor himself. She got a ready-made family, as Orlando already had a son, Flynn, with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. The former couple were married from 2010 to 2013, and their only child was born in 2011.

Orlando and Katy are clearly serious about one another. Not only did they get engaged in 2019, but the pair went on to welcome a daughter, Daisy, in 2021. This has sparked speculation over how Katy gets on with Orlando’s eldest child. Here’s everything we know about Katy’s role as a step-mother.

Katy Perry Made An Effort To Get To Know Orlando Bloom’s Son

Katy was spotted spending time with Orlando’s son Flynn shortly after they went public with their relationship. The singer was seen vacationing with Flynn as early as 2019.

The singer also hasn’t shied away from discussing her relationship with Flynn. In 2019, only a year into dating Orlando, Katy revealed she was taking an active role in Flynn’s life, including participating in school drop-offs.

“For me, at 35, I’m trying to create a little more balance of realness and normalcy,” she explained. “It really becomes the most valuable part of life.”

In a separate interview in 2019, Katy admitted that having a consistent routine with Flynn helped “mature” her. “We have to be out the door at 7:30am to be there at 8:15am and we cannot be late,” she said of school drop-offs. “I used to not wake up until 11am and now I’m in bed like a normal person at 10pm, just like falling asleep.”

“I guess this has definitely matured me. I guess this is adulting,” she continued. “That’s why I still dress like a child, to fight against!”

In fact, Katy says that seeing Orlando be a father to her son made her want to have a child together.

“It was planned,” she told The Sunday Times of her pregnancy in 2020. We went to Egypt in October for my birthday and just decided. I’ve always been so fond of the way he [Orlando] is with Flynn that I think my primal nature is like, ‘Yes, go.’”

Orlando Bloom’s Ex-Wife Thinks Katy Perry Is Doing A Great Job

Katy’s effort to be present hasn’t gone unnoticed, including by the boy’s mother, Miranda Kerr. The model has only had positive things to say about Katy’s role in her son’s life and co-parenting, in general.

Just this month, Miranda referred to Katy as Flynn’s “step-mom” in a TikTok celebrating their relationship. The TikTok featured clips of Miranda embracing Katy on the MET Gala red carpet, with the following audio playing over, “Me? Obsessed with you? Yes, yes I am.” “When you love your son’s stepmom,” Miranda captioned the post.

Even as early as 2017, Miranda said her son got on well with Orlando’s new girlfriend. “Yeah, they’re great,” Miranda told Vogue UK. “They get along really well.”

Katy has also gushed over Miranda. In January 2023, Katy presented Miranda with an award 20th annual G’Day USA Arts Gala and wrote a touching tribute to her online.

“i loved celebrating my fav Aussie Aussie Aussie (oi oi oi!) & sister from another mister @mirandakerr the other night @gdayusa Art’s Gala,” Katy wrote on Instagram.

She added, “Congrats on the honor, I love our modern family.”

Given Katy and Miranda’s close relationship (and the model’s positive comments about Katy’s parental role in Flynn’s life), it’s safe to assume that the singer is close to her step-son.

The Reason Katy Perry Isn’t Officially A Step-Mom Yet

One thing that’s interesting to note about Katy’s relationship with Flynn is that she’s not technically his step-mother, in the traditional sense. This is because Katy and Orlando have yet to legally tie the knot.

The couple have reportedly postponed their wedding plans on multiple occasions. They first pushed the date in 2019 after they couldn’t secure their dream location.

“They changed the timing due to the location they want,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. “They’re beyond in love.”

However, the following year they had to postpone it again in light of the coronavirus pandemic. “It was all set for Japan with 150 guests. Katy was actually really excited about walking down the aisle pregnant,” a source told PEOPLE in 2020.

“They were both so elated that all the wedding details were finally coming together, but they are hitting pause because of coronavirus,” they continued.

Katy announced her pregnancy the same year, only to give birth to a daughter in 2021. Since then, Orlando and Katy have seemed content to focus on their young family, while wedding planning has taken a back seat. Nonetheless, Katy says there’s still a plan, but they’re taking their time.

“There’s still a plan, but the location is challenging,” Katy said in a September 2022 appearance on Drew Barrymore’s talk show. “Hopefully, soon.”

Katy may not legally be Flynn’s stepmother, but she’s clearly taken on a parental role over the years. Flynn’s mother even refers to Katy as her son’s stepmom, so clearly Katy must be close to her fiancé’s son.

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