Unparalleled Pair Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Exude Timeless Grace while Shooting ‘By The Sea’ in Malta

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In the beautiful scenery of Malta, the filming location of “By The Sea” became a delightful blend of sophistication and relaxation when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the renowned Hollywood duo, appeared on set. Angelina, with her enchanting presence and wearing a traditional wig, effortlessly transported everyone back to a nostalgic era with her timeless fashion choices. Meanwhile, Brad exuded his innate charisma, embracing a casual yet elegant attire that perfectly matched the calming coastal atmosphere.

First look: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted filming on Wednesday a tense scene on the idyllic island Malta with Brad offering a comforting embrace to his real-life bride as she stayed in character

During the filming of “By The Sea,” Angelina Jolie effortlessly exuded the essence of timeless Hollywood allure. Renowned for her unrivaled talent in transforming into various roles, the acclaimed actress gracefully adorned a vintage wig, gracefully framing her face with waves that harked back to an era of sophistication. Paired with a thoughtfully curated wardrobe, this meticulously crafted hairstyle seamlessly transported viewers to an epoch of everlasting beauty and grace within the film’s storytelling.

Hold me tender: The handsome 50-year-old pulled Angelina into his chest for an embrace as a camera operator captured each and every tender moment

Angelina’s character went through a remarkable transformation in the film, and the wig played a crucial role in capturing the essence of the period setting. Known for her elegance and composure, Angelina added a touch of authenticity to her role by carefully selecting a hairstyle that perfectly embodied her character and complemented the film’s nostalgic atmosphere.

Tense: The actor could be seen staying in character

As Angelina Jolie exuded elegance from the past, Brad Pitt exuded a laid-back and modern feel. With his charming and adaptable fashion sense, the actor went for a relaxed look that perfectly complemented the beautiful Mediterranean backdrop of the film set in Malta. His outfit choice beautifully combined comfort and style, highlighting the effortless casualness that has become a distinctive feature of his own unique fashion.

Her vision: Angelina is directing the film, which she wrote, and is starring alongside Brad who she married on August 23 in France

Angelina’s timeless elegance and Brad’s laid-back ease created a striking visual contrast that vividly portrayed the dynamic of the film’s storyline. The interplay between their different styles reflected the intricate layers and nuances of the characters they brought to life, infusing the cinematic journey with an extra touch of fascination.

Retro: The star sported a blonde wig as she got into character

The vibrant backdrop of Malta in the filming of “By The Sea” served as a captivating canvas where the couple’s individual artistic approaches harmoniously merged, producing a mesmerizing visual masterpiece that captivated both fans and cinema aficionados. The exclusive sneak peeks behind the scenes provided an unparalleled glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship dedicated to bringing the characters to life on the grand stage of the silver screen.

The descent: The story is billed as documenting a troubled relationship

As the enchanting film unfolded before our eyes, the mesmerizing chemistry between Angelina Jolie’s timeless charm and Brad Pitt’s effortless confidence stood as a shining example of how clothing choices can shape a captivating story. The contrast between their styles not only gave their characters depth but also highlighted the harmonious fusion of fashion and character, showcasing the essence of their collaborative art form.

The Girl, Interrupted star could be seen directing action for her crew, setting up sH๏τs, and managing her team

During the ongoing filming of “By The Sea” in Malta, the fashion selections made by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the set presented an intriguing glimpse into the movie’s aesthetic allure. Their individualistic styles seamlessly blended with their characters, creating a profound sense of excitement surrounding this upcoming cinematic gem.




Long moon: The pair are enjoying an extended honeymoon as they film By The Sea

Setting up the sH๏τ: Jolie showed exactly what she wanted to a crew member

Down time: The couple chatted with their team in-between sH๏τs

Multiple perspectives: Angelina worked out a scene with two of her crew members

She knows what she wants: The actress dictated her commands 

Drama: The film documents the challenge a longtime married couple face as they go on vacation throughout Europe in the 1970s

Meta: The two actors created a sense of drama on set

There, there: Brad put a soothing hand on his real-life wife

Listen: The pair worked through a tense piece of scripted dialogue

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