Trim Katy Perry working out five times a week ahead of wedding as she appears impossibly thin on cover of Rolling Stone

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As a dedicated gym goer, Katy Perry is in enviably good shape.

The star has even stepped up her workouts to five times a week ahead of her wedding and yesterday showed off the fruits of her labour in a revealing frilly ʙικιɴι as she held a press conference in a stunning rooftop infinity pool in Singapore.

Katy Perry

But pictured in her underwear on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone magazine, it would appear the singer has been made to look even slimmer with a little help from the airbrush.

Katy Perry

Spot the difference: Katy Perry appears even trimmer on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone compared to, right, the singer in her ʙικιɴι at the open air Singfest music festival in Singapore

Katy Perry 

On form: The U.S. star held a press conference in the stunning rooftop infinity pool situated on the roof of the luxurious Marina Bay H๏τel in the Sands Sky Park

Katy Perry 

Looking good: But Katy is certainly more shapely in reality than on the mag cover

Katy is wearing a pink bra and knickers in the sultry pH๏τoshoot, but her torso seems to have had any hint of body fat digitally removed, resulting in her looking impossibly thin.

Her barely there love handles and slight muffin top have also been streamlined, plus the pH๏τos have been subjected to the usual procedures of softening and smoothing, with not a blemish in sight.

katy-perry-ʙικιɴι-candids-at-marina-bay-sands-skypark-in-singapore-08 –  GotCeleb

Yesterday, Katy put her curves on display at the open-air Singfest music festival in Singapore.

She slipped into a patterned ʙικιɴι to hold a press conference in the a luxury 150metre infinity pool, situated on the roof of the luxurious Marina Bay H๏τel in the Sands Sky Park.

According to recent reports, Katy is exercising five times a week so she is in incredible shape for her wedding to Russell Brand later this year.

The Californian Gurl’s wedding to the 35-year-old British comedian is getting closer and she wants to look amazing for it.

Estrazione Tweet media katy perry ʙικιɴι 2010 Peeling ricetta Appositamente

Perry, 25, has worked out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak for the last year and is following his Five Factor Fitness programme.

He told ‘Her goal is to look amazing always.

‘She’s getting in shape for everything…wedding, music videos, touring, etc.

Harley added: ‘She works out as often as she can, she’s a busy woman but her goal is five times a week.’

The five Factor Fitness consists of a five-phase circuit that works each part of the body for five minutes, as well as five small meals a day.

Pasternak added: ‘She eats five small meals a day, each containing healthy fats, lean protein, fiber and a non-sugar drink.
‘A typical day’s diet would be an egg white omelet with a bowl of berries, an apple cinnamon smoothie, a chop salad, three-bean BBQ chips and finishing off with a seafood stir fry for dinner.’

MailOnline has contacted Rolling Stone regarding the pH๏τos of Katy and is awaiting comment.

Katy Perry 

Exercise addict: Katy, who looks in fantastic shape here, is reported to be hitting the gym five times a week in preparation for her wedding to Russell Brand later this year

Katy Perry 

Peace: Katy is flanked by fans and media following the press conference as she walks around in her frilly ʙικιɴι

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