Kim Kardashian West opens up about her new KKW Fragrance, quality time gardening with her kids, and the beauty of gardenias.

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If you follow the Kardashians on Instagram, then you know they love a good party. Over the years, the famous family has become even more famous for their extravagant events—from birthday celebrations to baby showers and Christmas parties. The key to a grand Kardashian soirée? Celebrity florist and designer Jeff Leatham

Leatham, who gained his celeb cult following through his longtime work with the Four Seasons H๏τels, is a Kardashian connoisseur. At any given moment, you’ll find his floral arrangements perfectly perched in a KarJenner home. So when Kim Kardashian thought about her next KKW Fragrance launch, a collection of three floral-inspired fragrances in reusable bottles, teaming up with Leatham was a no-brainer.

“I have been so lucky for so many years to get these beautiful Jeff Leatham arrangements,” Kardashian tells over the phone. “And every time people come over, the scent is just overwhelming in the best way. And the idea was, who better to do a collab with than Jeff?”

For Leatham, the collaboration served as the perfect quarantine project. “When Kim texted me, it was right at the beginning of last year when everyone felt like, oh my god, we’re trapped at home,” Leatham explains. “So it kind of kept me inspired during lockdown last year, working on this with her and the team. I call it an art project because these boxes and the bottles are literally like little pieces of art.”

But Leatham isn’t the only floral design expert. “North [West] has such a great eye,” Leatham adds. “From the little videos when we’ve done flowers and installations in Kim’s house, it’s always Northie who has a great eye, and she’s very judgmental, in a good way. Like ‘Mommy, I’m not sure…’ or ‘I don’t know if I like this…’ It’s hilarious. So she has a great eye with flowers.”

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Ahead, Kardashian and Leatham talk about their new KKW Fragrance collection, favorite flowers, and Leatham’s most memorable project for the family.

The collection has three very different fragrances: Desert Rose, Jasmine Air, and Night Iris. Which flowers inspired you?

KKW: I think our original blush-colored flowers. I love rose. I love white florals. I wanted that, especially in the jasmine. We wanted to bring in some amber and musk and patchouli. Things that might be just a little bit mixed differently than what I typically would do.

Leatham: They’re all very different, but they all go together very well. Jasmine Air’s a morning vibe. Desert Rose is early, late afternoon. And the Night Iris is something you wear at night, a little mischievous. It’s dark, but it’s also fresh at the same time. I’ve been wearing these for the last couple of months, and literally, people are stopping me in the hallways and saying, “What is that?” It’s amazing to create something unique and so different.

Kim Kardashian West on Her Latest KKW Fragrance, Gardening with Her Kids,  and Her Love of Gardenias
Kim Kardashian on X: "COMING SOON: Jeff Leatham by KKW Fragrance. When I  think of flowers, I instantly think of @JeffLeatham." / X

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