Step aside, world! Kim Kardashian is back and slaying in a jawdropping swimsuit postbaby. The ‘Snap Back Queen’ reigns supreme once again

By admin Feb24,2024

She just announced that she had dropped down to a stunning 139 lbs earlier on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian topped that incredible feat by showcasing her curvaceous physique in a bathing suit for the first time since giving birth to her son Saint nearly five months ago.


The 35-year-old mother-of-two was a Sєxy sight in a plunging black one-piece as she enjoyed the waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland during sister Kourtney’s 37th birthday celebration.

Kim wasn’t dubbed the ‘snap back queen’ by sister Khloe for nothing.

The devoted mom has shown the amazing ability to ‘snap back’ into shape after the birth of both her daughter North, who turns three in June, and now her son Saint, nearly five months.

Kim was seen posing for candid pictures with her ᴀssistant and flaunting her generous cleavage while partially covered up in a white robe.

Her raven-black locks were loose and falling straight over her shoulders while her make-up was perfectly applied, of course, in natural browns and beiges.

At one point. Kim let the robe fall to reveal her hourglᴀss figure in its full glory as her pal clicked away on the camera.

Kim, who is just four pounds away from her desired target weight of 135 lbs, soon ditched the wrap and piled her heavy hair on top of her head,

She then eased herself into the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa and one of the most visited attractions in Iceland.

Kim continued the fun and games in the water by taking countless selfies with her ᴀssistant Stephanie Sheppard, who was also clad in a black bathing suit and wore her hair up.

Joining the sisters on their excursion were Jonathan Cheban and PR executive Simon Huck.

Jonathan enjoyed some pampering of his own as a companion slapped a greenish mask all over his face, shoulders and back.

Kim’s BFF had a big smile on his face as he floated in the water on his back.

At another point during the group’s adventure, Kim was seen sipping on an iced beverage by the edge of the dock, the steamy vapors giving her complexion a marvelous glow.

Kourtney, who was the reason they had all traveled to Iceland in the first place, enjoyed being the belle of the ball while soaking in the lagoon waters up to her chest and enjoying a beverage.

However, Kim may have stolen some of the thunder with her curvy display of ᴀssets.

Last month, Kim said she had lost 42 of the 60 lbs she gained while pregnant with son Saint.

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