EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Revel in Billionaire Status on Glamorous Night Out (Without Masks in Sight)

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Kim Kardashian confidently went out for a lunch date with her husband Kanye West on Sunday, disregarding the need for a face mask. The 39-year-old celebrity seemed to be in high spirits after achieving billionaire status and surpassing her sister Kylie in terms of wealth. A recent report suggests that this accomplishment may have contributed to her celebratory mood. As she departed from Nobu in Malibu, Kim proudly flaunted her freshly dyed vibrant red hair, complementing her six years of marital bliss with Kanye, who himself achieved billionaire status earlier this year.

Time to celebrate: Billionaire Kim Kardashian is pictured out at Nobu, Malibu on Sunday for a lunch date with husband Kanye West

Get ready for a celebration! The affluent Kim Kardashian, known for her billionaire status, was spotted at the renowned Nobu restaurant in Malibu over the weekend. The purpose of her visit? A delightful lunch outing with none other than her husband, the talented artist Kanye West.

While Kim opted to forgo a face covering - against recommendations from LA county Department of Public Health - Kanye attempted to play it safe as he wrapped a bright orange sweater around his face

Face covering: Kanye attempted to play it safe as he wrapped a bright orange sweater around his face

Despite the advice given by the LA county Department of Public Health, Kim chose not to wear a mask. In contrast, Kanye took a cautious approach and used a vibrant orange sweater to cover his face.


This is the first occasion that the reality TV star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the rapper have been spotted in public since the start of COVID-19 lockdowns back in March. Despite recommendations from the LA County Department of Public Health, Kim chose not to wear a face mask, while Kanye took precautions by using a bright orange sweater to cover his face. Kim made sure to make a bold fashion statement, rocking snakeskin-print pants, a vibrant neon bralette, and a black leather jacket. Kanye almost matched his wife’s style by wearing a camouflage sweater with black pants and using his brightly colored hoodie to cover his nose and mouth. After their outing, the couple got into Kanye’s Lamborghini SUV, with Kim taking the wheel.

Who dat? On Monday, Kim showed off her new vibrant red tresses as she was seen leaving Nobu in Malibu with her husband of six years, Kanye West

Displaying her freshly dyed fiery red locks, the 39-year-old television personality, who has recently joined the billionaire ranks surpassing her sister Kylie in terms of wealth, showcased her bold and vibrant new hairstyle.

Iconic: Kim made sure to stand out with a sexy look wearing snakeskin-print pants, a bold neon bralet and black leather jacket

Iconic: Kim made sure to stand out with a sexy look wearing snakeskin-print pants, a bold neon bralet and black leather jacket

Renowned for her distinctive style, Kim ensured she stood out in a crowd with a daring ensemble consisting of snakeskin-print pants, a bold neon bralet, and a sleek black leather jacket. However, it was her vibrant new hairstyle that truly stole the spotlight. According to her longtime hairstylist, Chris Appleton, the cherry red hue was actually inspired by a wig they had previously used for a photoshoot.

Appleton revealed that achieving the eye-catching cherry red shade took approximately two hours. To maintain the health of Kim’s scalp and hair growth, they opted not to lighten the roots, instead leaving about an inch of her natural shade and lightening from there to the ends. Once the lightening process was complete, they applied the vibrant red color to create the desired look.

Interestingly, the initial inspiration for this stunning transformation came from a red wig that they had used in the past for a different project. This bold decision certainly paid off, as Kim’s new hairstyle turned heads and attracted a great deal of attention.

In addition to her striking appearance, Kim also reached a significant milestone in her career. Surpassing her sister Kylie Jenner in terms of wealth, Kim’s KKW beauty brand has been valued at an impressive billion dollars. Recently, Kim finalized a deal with Coty Inc., selling a 20% stake in her company for a staggering $200 million. This partnership with Coty Inc. is a long-term strategic arrangement that aims to introduce new beauty categories and expand globally.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Coty acts as a licensee for a variety of beauty products, including skin, hair, personal, and nail care items. With this collaboration, Kim’s business ventures are poised to reach new heights, solidifying her status as a successful beauty mogul.


Coordinated: Almost matching his wife, Kanye opted for a camouflage sweater over black pants and covered his nose and mouth with his brightly colored hoodie

Coordinated: In perfect sync with his spouse, Kanye chose a camouflage jumper paired with sleek black trousers. He added a touch of vibrancy by covering his nose and mouth with a vividly hued hoodie.

Protection: The power hitmaker covered his nose and mouth with his brightly colored hoodie

Safety measure: The popular music artist shielded his nose and mouth by wearing a vibrant hoodie, ensuring his protection.

VIP: Kim covered her famous curves in skakeskin-print pants and some perspex heels

VIP: Kim covered her famous curves in skakeskin-print pants and some perspex heels

Exclusive: Kim concealed her iconic figure with a stylish choice of snake-print trousers and transparent perspex high heels.

Mini chic: The mother-of-four accessorized with a teeny metallic purse

Small and stylish: The mother of four added a tiny metallic handbag to complete her look.

Stand-out star: Kim's dyed red locks were pulled back in a low ponytail

Notable standout: Kim’s vibrant red hair, which she had dyed, was elegantly pulled back into a low ponytail.
By investing $200 million for a 20% stake in the brand, the company effectively values the entire company at $1 billion.
As a result, Kim has now surpassed Kylie on the list of the wealthiest individuals, with estimates placing her fortune at around $900-950 million.
Forbes had previously labeled Kylie as a ‘self-made billionaire,’ but they caused a stir by renouncing this title and accusing her of exaggerating numbers and falsifying tax returns for her cosmetics business.
In contrast, Coty acquired a majority stake (51%) in Kylie’s beauty company in 2019 for $600 million, while Kim will maintain full control of her own company.
Additionally, Kim will continue to actively promote and contribute to the development of new products for KKW Beauty via online platforms.


Meet and greet: Kim - still without a face mask - stopped to chat to a fan on her way out of the parking lot

Casual Encounter: Kim, not wearing a face mask, took a moment to have a friendly conversation with a fan as she made her way out of the parking lot.

Out and a pout: Kim, 39, showed off her new look on Instagram adding a freckly filter

Out and a pout: Kim, 39, showed off her new look on Instagram adding a freckly filter

Going all out and flaunting her fresh appearance on Instagram, Kim, who is 39 years old, showcased her latest transformation by utilizing a charming freckled filter.

Eyeful: The TV star treated her fans to a look at her cleavage as she puckered up in the Instagram clip

Eyeful: The television star delighted her devoted followers by giving them a glimpse of her ample cleavage in a playful Instagram video.

Coty has exciting plans to expand its brand presence across various countries worldwide. There are also possibilities for venturing into additional product categories, such as skincare and haircare. By doing so, Coty aims to enhance sales and establish a connection with younger consumers who extensively engage on social media platforms.

Coty’s portfolio encompasses renowned brands like Max Factor makeup and Sally Hansen nail polish. However, they fall short in comparison to KKW Beauty’s widespread influence. For instance, Max Factor merely boasts 585,000 Instagram followers, whereas KKW Beauty garners an impressive 4.4 million.

Kim Kardashian has now achieved a notable milestone, joining her husband Kanye West in the esteemed billionaire club.

Earlier this year, the renowned rapper officially attained billionaire status, reportedly accumulating a fortune worth $1.26 billion. This was confirmed when he provided Forbes magazine with substantiating documentation, which meticulously unveiled the genuine wealth of Kanye, Inc.

Kim shared this snap of her lounging on a plush sofa as she said 'so blessed, so grateful'

Kim delightedly posted a photo of herself, casually reclining on a luxurious couch. Accompanying the picture, she expressed her overwhelming gratitude and conveyed a sense of being truly fortunate.

Red hot! Kim Kardashian was divulging further details about her flame-red tresses on Thursday as she took to Twitter to discuss her decision and admitted that while she's 'always wanted' the look, it was not a permanent styling choice

Burning with desire: Kim effortlessly directed a captivating gaze towards the camera, enhancing her allure with a mesmerizing smokey eye makeup.

Check me out: The beauty appeared to be topless in the solo clip

Check me out: The beauty appeared to be topless in the solo clip

Take a look at me: The stunning individual seemed to be without a top in the personal video. However, Kanye is disputing the findings of Forbes, asserting that his net worth is actually $3.3 billion, not $1.26 billion. In fact, the rapper even sent a message to the publication to correct their mistake after the article was published.

According to Forbes, Kanye was incredibly angry when their annual list of the world’s billionaires was released in March and he was not mentioned, while his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, who has since been stripped of her billionaire title, was included. Forbes estimates that Kanye’s share of the Yeezy footwear brand is worth around $1.4 billion, though they note that it is a “private and highly illiquid” asset, which brings the total closer to $1.26 billion. Additionally, Kanye has approximately $17 million in cash and $35 million in stocks.

Now Kim's a BILLIONAIRE! Coty Inc has splashed out $200m on 20 per cent of Kardashian's beauty empire as she overtakes sister Kylie Jenner in the wealth stakes (stock image)

Kim Kardashian is now a billionaire! Coty Inc recently invested $200 million in Kim’s beauty empire, acquiring a 20% stake. This move has propelled Kim ahead of her sister Kylie Jenner in terms of wealth.

Not happy: The latest news comes after Kylie's wealth was estimated at around $900-950million as Forbes stripped her of her 'self-made billionaire' title last month -  she sold 51% of her beauty brand to Coty for $600million in 2019

Unhappy with the recent developments, it has been reported that Kylie’s fortune, which was previously valued at around $900-950 million, has been reevaluated by Forbes, resulting in her losing her title of being a ‘self-made billionaire’.
Similarly, Kanye West’s financial situation has also been revealed. With $81 million invested in ‘buildings and improvements’, $21 million in land, and his G.O.O.D. label, along with his own music and publishing rights, estimated to be worth at least $90 million, the rapper seemed to have a substantial wealth. However, Forbes claims that these assets are not easily convertible to cash and lack independent confirmation, resulting in an estimation that they are worth 50% less than reported. As a result, Kanye’s assets, excluding his Yeezy brand, amount to roughly $125 million.
Furthermore, the magazine highlights that, in addition to his assets, Kanye also has significant liabilities, including mortgages, advances, and other financial obligations, totalinG around $100 million.


Something to say: Kylie recently hit back at Forbes after it published a report claiming that the Jenners and their PR team inflated figures for Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie recently responded to Forbes following their release of an article alleging that the Jenners, along with their public relations team, exaggerated the numbers relating to Kylie Cosmetics.

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