“Katy Perry’s Margarita-Inspired Look Takes Over Social Media During American Idol Promo”

By admin Oct10,2023

On Sunday, Katy Perry flaunted her zesty green ensemble on social media, giving off a fun and flirty cocktail vibe as she promoted the latest episode of American Idol. The pop icon, who is 37 years old, shared her outfit with her followers on various social media platforms.

Katy shared a picture for her huge fan base of around 159 million followers, captioning it as resembling a margarita. In the snap, she can be seen in a strapless jumpsuit, posing with her hands on her hips while leaning forward.

Enhancing her inherent charm with complete makeup, Katy let her lustrous black locks cascade down below her shoulders. In a quick video, she referred to herself as a “margarita” while displaying her stunning appearance. Additionally, she uploaded a photo of herself standing with her hands in her pockets.

On her Instagram account, Katy posted a friendly reminder to her fans that American Idol will be broadcasted live across the country on Sunday and Monday. Furthermore, she encouraged her followers to participate in voting for their preferred performers since the top 14 will be showcasing their talents.

Katy Perry has been serving as a judge for the revived version of American Idol on ABC network since the year 2018.

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