Kim Kardashian cannot stop touching her famous bottom as she promotes SKIMS

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Kim Kardashian was seen heading out of the Ritz-Carlton H๏τel in New York City on Wednesday morning with rapper husband Kanye West.

The 39-year-old reality TV star could not seem to stop touching her bottom as she walked from the building and into a waiting car while fans stopped to take pH๏τos. There could have been a tear in her skirt she was trying to hide.

The mother-of-four has been in the Big Apple to promote her SKIMS line which is going on sale at Nordstrom this week.

The beauty had on a dusty rose colored outfit that showed off her hourglᴀss figure to maximum effect.

There was a skinтιԍнт light pink SKIMS leotard with a little turtleneck and long sleeves.

And the siren from Calabasas, California added a long skirt that had a ruched front with a tie hanging down and a slit up the front.

Kim added strappy heels.

She had her left hand on her backside the entire time she was on the street. And when she got in her car, her hand was there as well.

Oddly, her underwear lines could be seen through her skirt.

The KKW Beauty owner had on heavy pink makeup with eyeshadow that matched her lipstick. Her long black hair was worn down in soft waves as she added dramatic earrings.

Cameras for KUWTK were seen following the power couple from behind as they made their move into the car.

Together they have daughters North, six, and Chicago, two, and sons Saint, four, and Psalm, nine months.

Also on Wednesday she was seen on Good Morning America.

Kardashian revealed that Chicago ‘fell out of her high chair’ and cut her whole face,’ requiring sтιтches.

The star said the toddler is OK but ‘there’s a big scar on her cheek but she’s OK.’

The entrepreneur said the scary incident happened the other day, but added that ‘stuff happens and you just got to roll with it.’

Kim talked about her morning routine, after host Michael Strahan asked about how she handles four kids under seven

Kim said: ‘I micromanage, so I get up at 5:40, in the gym by 6, done 7. They wake up, I get them up at 7:05, breakfast at 7:30, out the door by 7:55, like its super micromanaged.’

Two weeks prior, the KKW Beauty founder celebrated Chicago’s birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed bash; the toddler turned two years old on January 15.

The star looked incredible in a pale yellow turtleneck with a suede mustard hued pencil skirt, adding strappy gold heels.

During the morning show interview, Kim also talked about her pᴀssion for criminal justice reform.

‘What drew me to Mrs. Alice Johnson was just knowing that a decision she made tore apart her whole family,’ the KUWTK star said.

Kim continued: ‘She has so many brothers and sisters and kids and grandkids and so I really put myself in her situation thinking, well what would I have done if had to feed my children? And knowing that a bad decision changed her whole life really made me feel for her and understand her.’

Adding: ‘I feel like she put a face for criminal justice and reform. That’s why I’m so excited for this documentary that I’m doing on Oxygen because I’ve picked cases with completely situations, where very traumatic things have happened – from anything from Sєx trafficking to murders – where if you see what happened to them or what they have done on paper, you would not understand.’

She said: ‘But once you hear their story and feel like you see what led them to make those choices, you realize that we’re not really different from them.’

Alice Johnson, 64, was a first-time nonviolent drug offender who served 21 years of a life sentence behind bars after a conviction of conspiracy to possess cocaine and attempted possession of cocaine; Kim heard about her and got her team of lawyers on the case.

The star, who is in the midst of becoming a lawyer, took the case to the White House and Alice was granted clemency in June 2018.

On her journey to becoming a lawyer: ‘I just finished year one. I’m about to take the baby bar [exam] in a few months, which is a necessity in order to continue on for the next three years in California. So it feels good having finished year one, it’s very hard.’

Kim said she studies in the afternoon: ‘I go to my office and then I do my extra reading at home at about nine pm until 11. Every day.’

Kim also touched on her new collaboration with Nordstrom; the business entrepreneur launched her hugely successful shapewear and loungewear line SKIMS at the national department store.

The mogul said she reads over every contract now and ‘it’s what I’m studying and it makes a lot of sense now to me. Had I gone to school when I should have years ago, it wouldn’t have meant as much as it does to me.’

Adding: ‘And I wouldn’t have been as in to it as I am because now everything I go through, personal injury law, like everything… you have to study everything, you can’t just say oh I want my degree in that… you have to do everything and so it all makes sense to me now and I love it.’

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