“Kardashian Sisters’ Chill Out Session: A Fashionable Twist on Cryotherapy”

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Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloé Kardashian recently visited a cryotherapy center in Calabasas, California. This was not the first time that Kim tried this alternative treatment, and she brought her sister along with her this time. The sisters were seen wearing matching all-black outfits during their visit to the center.

Cooling down: Kim Kardashian, 38, and her sister Khloé Kardashian, 35, stayed on their home turf of Calabasas, California, on Monday for a stop at a cryotherapy center

Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloé stayed close to home in Calabasas, California on Monday as they visited a cryotherapy center. The 38-year-old kept her outfit simple with a black figure-hugging tank top that showcased her toned arms and a hint of midriff. She paired the top with black track pants that had a lustrous sheen and hung loosely over her frame.

Back in black: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars matched each other with their relaxed all-black outfits

The Kardashian siblings coordinated their outfits in all-black, giving off a laid-back vibe.

Casual chic: Kim kept her monochrome look simple with a black figure-hugging black tank top

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Fit figure: The outfit showcased her fit arms and just a hint of her midriff

Kim opted for a casual yet fashionable look, sticking to a monochrome color scheme. Her outfit comprised of a black tank top that perfectly hugged her figure, revealing her toned arms and a peek of her midriff. The pants she wore were high-fashion with cushioning on the knees and added a chic touch to her outfit. For footwear, Kim chose chunky black trainers. Her signature raven locks were styled in a middle part, cascading down her shoulders in twirling strands, adding to her overall effortless vibe.

Shining through: The pants featured a lustrous sheen and hung loosely in wrinkles over her frame

Sparkling bright: The trousers had a shiny finish and draped comfortably in creases over her body.

Padded out: The high-fashion pants also featured knee pad cushioning in front of her legs

The trendy trousers were additionally designed with protective padding on the knees for added comfort and safety.

The TV star had her lustrous raven tresses parted down the middle and cascading in twirling strands over her shoulders

The famous celebrity flaunted her beautiful black hair, parted in the middle and styled in twirling strands falling gracefully over her shoulders. Khloé followed her elder sister’s style by wearing mostly black attire. Her slim frame was enhanced by a long-sleeved black shirt. The Revenge Body star opted for a classic look, sporting high-waisted black sweatpants that showcased her ankles and well-toned legs.

Twinning: Khloé matched her older sister with her mostly black outfit

Khloé decided to twin with her older sister by donning a predominantly black attire.

Modest: She covered up with a long sleeve black shirt

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Svelte body: The slim top highlighted her fit frame

Modestly dressed, she opted for a black long-sleeved shirt that accentuated her slender figure.

Classic: The 5ft10in Revenge Body star stuck with a more traditional pair of black sweat pants pulled up high over her waist to show off her ankles and fit legs

The Revenge Body star, Khloé, opted for a classic look as she stepped out in a pair of black sweat pants pulled up high above her waist to flaunt her toned legs. She paired the pants with black and white Nike trainers and accessorized with a blue-gray handbag. To complete the outfit, she wore a black beanie over her long platinum blonde hair that was styled pin straight and rested over one shoulder. Her face was hidden behind a pair of stylish tortoiseshell sunglasses that blended aviator-style lenses with wayfarer-style frames.

Fancy: Khloé kept her face obscured with an intriguing pair of stylish tortoiseshell sunglasses that blended aviator-style lenses with wayfarer-style frames

Khloé decided to conceal her face with a cool and intriguing set of tortoiseshell sunglasses, which expertly combined the classic aviator-style lenses with trendy wayfarer-style frames.

Blonde beauty: She wore a black beanie over her long platinum blonde locks

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Straight as an arrow: Her hair rested pin straight over one shoulders

The gorgeous woman donned a stylish black beanie on top of her sleek platinum blonde hair that cascaded down in straight strands over one side of her shoulder.

Accoutrements: Her black and white Nike trainers matched her sporty outfit, and she accessorized with a blue–gray handbag


Kim was spotted walking up from the crowded parking lot in her sporty outfit that featured black and white Nike trainers. She carried a blue-gray handbag and appeared to be on the phone while being surrounded by people with cameras, hinting that the trip could be featured on KUWTK. Kim and Khloé tried out cryotherapy, a technique that exposes the body to temperatures below -100 degrees Celsius for two to four minutes. Although it is not clear what effects they were hoping to achieve, this relatively new treatment has been touted for its potential to alleviate pain, promote muscle healing, aid in weight loss, and reduce inflammation across various conditions.

Taking a call: Kim appeared to be listening to someone on her phone as she walked up from the parking lot

Kim seemed to be on a phone call as she made her way up from the parking area.

Spying: The parking lot appeared to be packed, and the sisters were flocked by multiple people with cameras

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TV fodder: The trip might make its way into a KUWTK episode

Observing: The parking area seemed to be full, and the siblings were surrounded by several individuals holding cameras, indicating that their excursion might be featured on an upcoming episode of KUWTK.

Brrr: Cryotherapy involves exposing the whole body to temperatures below -100 degrees Celsius (-148 Fahrenheit) for two to four minutes

Cryotherapy, which involves subjecting the body to extremely low temperatures of below -100 degrees Celsius (-148 Fahrenheit) for a brief period of two to four minutes, has been touted as a potential remedy for psoriasis, an ailment that afflicts Kim Kardashian. The celebrity has been vocal about her struggles with the condition and has shared pictures of its effects on her face and legs. Despite this, cryotherapy remains a relatively new treatment with little data to support its effectiveness in treating any illness. Additionally, extended exposure to the freezing temperatures can pose significant risks to the user.

Clear skin: Cryotherapy has also been suggested as a treatment for psoriasis, a condition Kim suffers from

According to recommendations, cryotherapy could be a potential cure for psoriasis which is a condition that Kim has been dealing with and trying to treat. Achieving clear skin may be possible with this method.

Ouch: The wife of Kanye West has been open about the disease, occasionally sharing photos of the scaly, itchy patches of skin that have popped up on her face and legs

Oh no! Kanye West’s spouse has been transparent about her condition, sometimes posting pictures of the flaky, irritated patches of skin that have appeared on her face and legs.

Buyer beware: However, the treatment is so new that there's very little evidence as to its effectiveness at treating any condition

Be cautious before trying cryotherapy as it is a new treatment with limited evidence of its effectiveness. Kim has previously shared about her cryotherapy facials on Instagram, indicating that they may have only focused on that area. Following the treatment, Kim came out with Khloé following closely behind. Khloé then drove away in Kim’s black Rolls-Royce. Although Kim’s face was somewhat concealed by sunglasses, she appeared to have a more natural look than in recent selfies where her nose appeared significantly thinner. Earlier in the day, she had posted a close-up photo of her face showcasing her long blonde hair, but disabled the comments section after continuous references to her altered appearance.

Facials: Kim has previously shared her cryotherapy facials on Instagram, so the two may have been confining the treatment to that one area

Kim has showcased her cryotherapy facials on Instagram before, which could suggest that they only focused on that particular treatment during their session.

Follow the leader: Afterward, Kim emerged with Khloé close behind

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Zoom: The mother of True Thompson hopped behind the wheel of her black Rolls-Royce and drove away

As Kim Kardashian came out, her sister Khloé followed closely behind. Khloé got into her black Rolls-Royce and drove away. However, some fans are concerned about her recent photos, pleading with her to stop doing things on her face and stating that her changing face looks unnatural. Others have commented that she looks unrecognizable and has had too much surgery, but Khloé has clarified that her nose’s thinner shape is due to excessive makeup contouring.

Changing features? Though her face was partially obscured by the sunglasses, she seemed to have a more natural look than recent selfies, in which she displayed a dramatically thinned nose

Is it just me or has she changed her appearance? Even though her sunglasses covered a portion of her face, there was something about her that looked more authentic compared to her recent selfies. In those pictures, she had a nose that appeared significantly slimmer.

Trolls be gone: She shared a close-up photo of her face early in the day that showed off her long blonde tresses, but Khloé disabled the comments after her followers continually referenced her cosmetically altered face over the past few weeks

Khloé posted a picture of her lovely blonde hair in a close-up photo in the morning. However, she had to disable the comment section as her followers kept mentioning her changed appearance due to cosmetic procedures in the past few weeks. Say goodbye to those trolls!

Non-surgical options: 'Unrecognizable, too much surgery. Where is Koko?' wrote another, though Khloé has attributed much of her nose's thinner shape to aggressive makeup contouring

One commenter expressed their disapproval of surgical options, stating that it made the person unrecognizable and questioning where Koko was. Khloé attributed her nose’s thinner appearance to makeup contouring rather than surgery. Recently, Kim visited a cryotherapy center after attending one of Kanye’s listening parties for his upcoming gospel album Jesus Is King in New York. Throughout the weekend, Kim shared videos of Kanye and their daughter North performing choral music. Despite a Friday release date passing and a new Sunday drop date being announced, the album has yet to be released, repeating the delays experienced with Kanye’s earlier album The Life Of Pablo. Although most of the album is reportedly finished, Kanye is still working on the mix.

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