Katy Perry Discusses BLACKPINK’s Music And Welcomes A Collaboration

By admin Oct15,2023

“I don’t want to be a part of a trend. I want to be a part of a movement.” – Katy Perry

Despite BLACKPINK only collaborating with artists Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez thus far, there are many others who wish for the honor. During Katy Perry‘s interview with Thai outlet The Standard, she revealed she was one of them and why she’d like to collaborate with the group.

When asked who she was interested in collaborating with, Katy Perry revealed that she was open to any artist that was willing. It wasn’t the artist that sealed the deal; it was the song. “I’m all about always collaborating with anyone. For me, to be completely honest, it’s not about the artist. It’s about the song.”

K-pop Group BLACKPINK Releases Music Video In Collaboration With PUBG  Mobile - XSM

She then mentioned the condition that would lead to a collaboration with a K-Pop artist, “As far as any K-Pop, I would love to do it if the song is amazing, if it feels authentic. I don’t want to be a part of a trend. I want to be a part of a movement.” Naturally, there was one girl group who fit those criteria.

While emphasizing that many artists only choose collaborations solely to sell more music, Katy Perry announced she would be all for one with BLACKPINK if it the track was just as impressive as their others and spoke to her:

To be honest, I feel like some of that can be just people trying to make numbers. And, I’m not here to make numbers. I’m here to move hearts. So if BLACKPINK has the dopest song that makes me feel sexy or makes me feel connected, or whatever, I’m totally there.

— Katy Perry


Whenever BLACKPINK thinks of all the artists and music industry professionals who want a chance to collaborate with them, Katy Perry is now a part of that long list. After all, there could be a possibility in the future for the two artists to connect.

Watch Katy Perry open up about how BLACKPINK ticks off all her boxes as an artist she would love to collaborate with. BLACKPINK definitely don’t follow trends; they are the trendsetters.

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