“Angelina Jolie’s Fiery Leather Look and Gemma Chan’s Dreamy White Mini: A Glamorous Eternals Photocall in Rome”

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Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, and the rest of the cast of the upcoming movie Eternals have been busy promoting their film across the globe. Despite a recent premiere in Rome, the stars showed no signs of slowing down as they attended a photocall at the city’s Hotel De La Ville. Angelina looked stunning in a sleek black dress made of leather-like fabric, while Gemma shone in a white mini-dress with a stunning cape detail. These celebrities sure know how to keep up with their hectic schedules!

Epic: Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan and their male co-stars proved there is no rest for the wicked as they attended a photocall in Rome on Monday just hours after premiering the movie in the Italian city

Stunning: The Humans beauty, 38, dazzled in a white mini dress with a cape detail

The cast of the movie, including Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan, made an appearance at a photocall in Rome just hours after the film premiered in the city. Angelina stole the show in a stunning, form-fitting gown that accentuated her figure and highlighted her curves. Her hair was styled in a flawless blowdry, and her makeup perfectly complemented her vampish style. Gemma, on the other hand, opted for a contrasting look, sporting a thigh-skimming white mini dress with intricate embroidery and a billowing chiffon cape. She paired it with strappy white heels and kept her hair and makeup minimal to let her dazzling gown take the spotlight at the glamorous event.

Oh my: Angelina made sure all eyes were firmly on her in the sizzling gown

Sizzling: The dress clung to her envy-inducing figure and highlighted her lithe middle and eye-popping bust thanks to its skin-tight material

Wow, Angelina definitely commanded attention with her stunning dress. The gown hugged her enviable physique and accentuated her slim waist and voluptuous chest with its form-fitting fabric.

Amazing: Gemma posed alongside their co-star Richard Madden in a tight white tee and black trousers

It was absolutely stunning to see Gemma standing next to her fellow actor Richard Madden, wearing a fitted white shirt and black pants.

Cosy: The pair seemed in good spirits as they cosied up for a peck on the cheek

Cosy: They were seen leaving hand in hand

Cozy: The couple appeared happy and affectionate as they snuggled together for a sweet peck on the cheek before walking off hand in hand.

Hot: Her luscious brown hair was styled into a shoulder-length cut and expertly blown out, while her makeup perfectly complemented her sultry attire.

Radiant: She was looking breathtaking while sashaying in front of the world's cameras at the event

A vision: Earlier this month, Angelina said the diversity in the cast is 'how it always should have been'

Glowing: As she walked in front of the flashing cameras at the occasion, she appeared stunning and mesmerizing.

Eternals, a 2021 Marvel movie, is centered on a group of humanoid beings known as the Eternals, derived from the American comic books. The plot revolves around the Eternals, an immortal extraterrestrial species, who emerged after concealing themselves for thousands of years with the mission to protect Earth against their evil counterparts, the Deviants. The film premiered in Los Angeles before being showcased in Rome on Sunday evening. Among the lead cast are Angelina Jolie, who portrays the elite warrior Thena, and Gemma Chan, who plays the character Sersi. Angelina expressed her delight in the diversity of the cast, including people of color, queer characters, and Lauren Ridloff, a deaf actress, stating that it should have been this way from the beginning.

Box office smash? Angelina has been promoting the new film Eternals at the film festival in the Italian city which is set to be released November 5th

Is Angelina’s latest movie going to be a hit at the box office? She’s been out promoting her new film, Eternals, at a festival in Italy. The movie is set to be released on November 5th.

A vision: Gemma meanwhile was going for an opposite style to Angelina, as she donned a thigh-skimming white mini with intricate embroidery alongside a billowing chiffon cape

Gemma had a different fashion approach compared to Angelina. Her outfit consisted of a short white skirt adorned with detailed embroidery and a flowy chiffon cape.

Check me out! She boosted her height with strappy white heels while her hair and make-up were kept pared-back to allow her dazzling gown to steal the show at the glam photocall

Amazing: She was sure to make a statement

Take a look at her! She added some height to her appearance with elegant white heels, and kept her hair and makeup minimalistic so that her stunning dress could truly shine at the glamorous photo session.

According to her interview with Variety, the actress expressed her admiration for the feeling of inclusivity among the cast and crew of the film. She mentioned that it felt natural and right for everyone to work together, and she questioned why it took so long for this to happen. Although she had many thoughts on the matter, she emphasized the importance of not focusing solely on the diversity aspect of the movie. Instead, she hoped that viewers would appreciate the film as a superhero story where different individuals could also be heroes.

Deep in chat: Richard and Gemma stole a moment for a chat as they took to the red carpet

Richard and Gemma found a brief moment to converse while making their way down the red carpet. They seemed to be engrossed in their conversation.

All white? Gemma looked sensational in the cape and embellished dress while her natural beauty was shining through

A vision: She looked amazing in the pretty ensemble

Did you see Gemma? She looked absolutely stunning in the embellished dress and cape. Her natural beauty was simply glowing, even in all white attire.

A vision: She was sure to bring the glam ahead of the movie's release

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