“The Mesmerizing Dress of Katy Perry that Stole the Show: Fans Couldn’t Stop Talking About It!”

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Katy Perry received rave reviews for her eccentric Las Vegas residency at Resorts World following its debut on Wednesday. The 37-year-old pop icon’s show thrilled audiences with peculiar acts such as emerging from a giant toilet and conversing with a talking mask. Critics lauded the spectacle for its playfulness, psychedelic elements, and poignant moments. Katy’s performance also referenced the Covid pandemic, and she paid homage to her iconic “California Gurls” music video by donning a range of colourful outfits before drinking beer from a bra dress made from cans.

Top of the bogs! Katy Perry has been praised for her 'thoroughly camp' Las Vegas residency after its opening night at the Resorts World on Wednesday

Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency has received high praise for its flamboyant and playful nature following its opening night at Resorts World on Wednesday. Various critics have shared their opinions, with many commending the show’s zany and exuberant display as a perfect escape for fans during the pandemic. According to Mark Gray of Rolling Stone, the production was nothing short of “larger than life.” The show, aptly titled “Play,” encapsulated Perry’s signature style, featuring an abundance of emotions, whimsy, psychedelia, and even cheesiness throughout its 95-minute runtime. Dubbed “Perry Playland” by the artist herself, the concert felt like one giant singalong, which was undoubtedly what she had in mind.

Stellar: The hitmaker delighted her fans with the zany show that saw her emerge from a giant toilet and converse with a talking mask, with critics lauding the show as both 'poignant' and 'whimsical, and psychedelic

Stellar put on an impressive performance that had her fans thrilled, where she appeared from a massive toilet and interacted with a mask that could speak. The show received praise from critics who described it as a combination of emotions – touching, playful, and trippy.

We love it! After Katy kicked off her residency in Sin City, several critics have offered their thoughts

Gushing: Most have praised the wild and wacky showcase as being just the tonic for fans during the Covid pandemic

We’re absolutely thrilled! Katy’s Sin City residency has received some feedback from critics, and it seems like the majority of them have applauded her eccentric and lively show as the perfect pick-me-up for fans who are struggling during these tough Covid times.

According to Melinda Sheckells of Billboard, Katy Perry’s recent performance featured a touching moment where she poured beer from her dress made of tin cans while talking to a giant disposable mask. Sheckells described the show as a two-hour journey through “Perry Playland,” filled with colorful confetti and oversized household objects. She called it a blend of fantasy and hallucination, with a thoroughly campy vibe. Meanwhile, John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Review Journal noted that Perry paid tribute to her late grandmother, who worked for the now-demolished Lido de Paris production at the Stardust hotel, which has since been replaced by Resorts World.

Sensational: Among a slew of enormous props, during her show Katy could be seen emerging from a giant orange toilet before showing off her twerking skills

Exciting news! Katy Perry’s latest Vegas show is filled with impressive visuals including a giant orange toilet that she emerges from before displaying her twerking skills. Her grandiose imagination and fearlessness are evident in her performances, making her the perfect fit for the task. Even critics can’t deny the appeal of her show, named “Play.” The pop star is set to perform 32 shows until March and is expected to earn a whopping $168 million, joining the list of stars profiting from Vegas residencies.

Probably... the best show in the world! Katy Perry 'lactated' beer out of a sexy dress made of cans before downing it during the opening night of her $168m Vegas residency - giving a nod to the pandemic with giant mask and toilet roll props

Undoubtedly, it was the most entertaining performance ever witnessed! Katy Perry amazed the crowd by squirting beer from a stylish dress made of cans. She went on to drink it during the inaugural event of her Las Vegas residency, which cost a whopping $168 million. In addition, she acknowledged the pandemic by using enormous mask and toilet roll props in her act.

Cheers! The singing sensation put on a pop-tastic show her avid fans would not forget, especially when she indulged on the lactated pint

Bottoms up! Katy wasted no time getting the beverage into her system

Hooray! The singing sensation delivered an incredible pop show that her devoted fans won’t soon forget, especially when she took a swig of beer and kicked off her Sin City tour. While the beer moment was definitely a highlight, the Teenage Dream singer made sure to bring her fashion A-game throughout the night, featuring bold and sparkly outfits like a yellow-and-orange slit gown and a pink-and-white vinyl mini dress. In total, Katy wore eight different outfits, including a white mini dress, a pink PVC dress with a toadstool hat, and a pink Cleopatra-style gown emerging from a keyhole. She even channeled the ’60s with a bubble-inspired white dress while performing alongside giant inflatable ducks. Given the impact of the Covid pandemic, Katy referenced the virus with oversized props such as a huge mask and toilet rolls, nodding to last year’s panic-buying frenzy.

Cheeky: Given the impact of the recent Covid pandemic, it was no surprise that Katy alluded to the virus with several oversized props, including a huge mask

Playful: In light of the widespread effects of Covid, it was expected that Katy would reference the virus in her performance, incorporating large props like an enormous mask. While the beer-drinking moment on opening night was memorable, the pop star made sure to showcase an array of stunning wardrobe choices throughout the show.

Girl power: The Teenage Dream songstress looked sensational in a sparkling yellow, orange and white slit gown

Legs for days: Her look was completely poptastic in nature

The power of women: The young and vibrant musician, who sang Teenage Dream, appeared stunning in her gorgeous gown that had a sparkling combination of yellow, orange, and white colors with a sexy slit.

Standing out: Katy commanded the stage in an array of fun and colourful looks, as she climbed atop an array of different props for each performance during the show

Katy was a complete standout during her performances as she donned an assortment of vibrant and playful outfits and made use of distinct props for each show. Her stage presence was truly captivating.

No loo roll shortage here! For one set, Katy sung out of a toilet after perching on a stack of rolls

Inspired by her daughter: Katy also made a sweet reference to her daughter Daisy Dove, with the inclusion of an oversized flower in the show

There’s no lack of toilet paper available! Katy cleverly referenced the Covid crisis and the frenzy surrounding stockpiling by appearing from a colossal toilet. She also included a heartwarming nod to her daughter, Daisy Dove, by incorporating a huge flower in the performance.

Swish beer: She posed on top of a Budweiser dupe beer can in her can-inspired ensemble

The lady showcased a unique outfit inspired by a beer can as she struck a pose on a can-shaped structure resembling Budweiser, but the beverage inside was different. It had a swish or a different brand name.

Metallic: Katy rocked the aluminum-can adorned look with a silver pair of over-the-knee boots

Who needs a normal bra? She looked super sassy in her get-up

Katy flaunted a unique fashion statement by pairing her silver over-the-knee boots with aluminum-can accents.

Katy delivered an amazing performance that left the audience in awe. Her sets were nothing short of spectacular, featuring a keyhole, ducks, a life-size face mask, and even a neon toilet which she jumped out of. With a setlist including classics such as Dark Horse, California Gurls, I Kissed A Girl, Teenage Dream, Roar, and Firework, the global star kept the energy high and the crowd entertained. Katy wowed the audience with eight different looks and showcased her stunning figure in a sexy dress, surrounded by dancers in their own quirky outfits. Fans were left buzzing about the show, with many eager to learn more about it and whether tickets were still available. One fan even called it a “treat” while another described it as “interesting.”

Sign of the times: Katy referenced the global pandemic as she sat beside a giant face mask prop

It’s clear that we’re living in unprecedented times, as Katy recently acknowledged while posing next to a huge face mask prop. Her nod to the ongoing global pandemic was a sign of the times and a reminder of the importance of staying safe.

Here she is! At one point she emerged onto the stage in her eye-catching yellow and orange sequinned gown, surrounded by backing dancers

Look who’s here! She made her grand entrance onto the stage donning a stunning gown adorned with sequins in shades of yellow and orange. Her performance was complemented by the presence of her backup dancers.

Quirky: For another fun look, the singer transformed into a toadstool, manoeuvring her way around the stage in a tight leather bodysuit and tasselled trousers

Work it! Katy wasn't afraid to put on a showstopping performance

Playful: To add a touch of whimsy, the vocalist went through a remarkable transformation and appeared as a mushroom. She moved around the performance area wearing a form-fitting leather jumpsuit and trousers adorned with fringes.

Nice to meet you! She danced alongside a bikini-clad frog during one wild moment - while dressed as a sexy mushroom

Great to make your acquaintance! At one point, she had a wild moment and boogied with a frog donning a bikini, all while sporting a seductive mushroom outfit.

We love it! Her show sparked a flurry of reaction from her die-hard fans, with many desperate to know more about the show, and more importantly whether tickets were still available

The response to Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans of the pop star have expressed their excitement and admiration for the show on social media platforms. They are eager to learn more about the performance and whether tickets are still available. Many fans have commented on how happy and comfortable Katy looks on stage in her new role as a Vegas performer. Katy’s debut residency was established during the Covid-19 pandemic and is set to continue into the new year. The singer has described the show as “larger than life” and “the kookiest, most camp show I’ve ever put together.” Based on the amazing photographs from the first night, it appears that Katy has indeed created an unforgettable experience for her fans.

Stellar: After emerging from the toilet, Katy sported a stunning white sequinned dress with a fringed trim

Stunning: She teamed it with a matching headpiece and gloves, as she belted out one of her biggest hits

Katy looked absolutely amazing in a white sequinned dress with fringes, as well as a matching headpiece and gloves, while singing one of her popular songs after coming out from the restroom.

Wow! She was surrounded by wild dancers for some pretty energetic routines as she knelt on the floor

Oh my gosh! She found herself in the midst of a group of enthusiastic dancers, all moving to the beat with high energy, while she remained kneeling on the floor.

Having fun? Proving that being a superstar was simply childs play, Katy was surrounded by oversized toys and props as she changed into her different looks, including a fun purple 1960s-inspired rain jacket

Are you enjoying yourself? Katy Perry effortlessly displayed her superstar status while playing with giant toys and props during a photoshoot. Her wardrobe changes included a playful purple rain jacket with a 1960s vibe. It’s obvious that Katy knows how to have fun, even when she’s working.

She wore an incredible candy-striped dress and white boots for one number - her dress had an umbrella-style skirt design

Pretty: Her concert attire featured a lot of pink - one long-sleeve number drawing attention to her figure

She donned a mesmerizing candy-striped attire paired with stylish white boots during her performance. The skirt of her dress was uniquely designed in an umbrella-style pattern.

Cheers to you! She raised her pint to her huge mask before embarking on another number

Here’s to you! She lifted her beer glass in a toast to her oversized mask and then launched into another song.

What an entrance! She walked through a giant keyhole atop a rainbow floor

What a grand arrival! She made her way through a colossal keyhole positioned on a vibrant rainbow surface.

Queen of pop: She later donned a pink Cleopatra-style gown as she emerged from a keyhole, no doubt channelling the video for her single Dark Horse

The pop queen appeared in a stunning pink Cleopatra-inspired dress, making a grand entrance through a keyhole. Fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons to her iconic Dark Horse music video.

Quackers look: She posed in front of some giant ducks in a 60s themed mini dress with two-tone boots

In her latest photo, Quackers, Katy Perry can be seen striking a pose in front of some massive duck sculptures. The singer wore a stylish mini dress with a sixties vibe and paired it with a trendy two-tone boots. Katy has been keeping her fans on their toes ahead of her upcoming show by sharing the complete list of songs that she will perform during her set. She gave a sneak peek of her writing skills in a video she posted on her Instagram account to showcase the song list. The video was accompanied by an exciting caption inviting fans to come to Perry Playland and sing along to their favourite tunes.

A new chapter: On Tuesday, Katy teased her fans the night before the first show by revealing her full set list

Katy Perry stirred excitement among her fans by sharing her full set list for the first show at Resorts World in Vegas. The singer-songwriter will be performing some of her greatest hits such as “California Gurls,” “I Kissed a Girl,” “Teenage Dream,” “Roar,” and “Firework.” Comedian Amy Schumer couldn’t contain her excitement as she commented, “Holy s**t,” accompanied by three fire emojis. Rita Ora also showered praise on Katy, stating that her set list was “literally hit after hit after hit.” It’s a new chapter for Katy Perry, and her fans can’t wait to witness the magic unfold in her upcoming performances.

Hit maker: The musician posted a video for her 146million Instagram fans where she showed off her neat handwriting while sharing each song she will be performing during her set

Incredible set list: Among some of the tunes she will be singing are hits like California Gurls, I Kissed A Girl, Teenage Dream and Firework

The artist, with over 146 million Instagram followers, shared a video showcasing her neat handwriting while revealing the songs she plans to perform during her upcoming set. She has been updating fans on social media about the preparations behind the scenes, including sharing videos of costumes and props. Notably, she recently unveiled a unique stage prop, an animated toilet, in a brief video on Instagram. The orange-colored prop featured two toilet paper rolls for eyes and moved its lid up and down to mimic a mouth. Perry has also discussed the physical preparations required for her upcoming residency schedule.

Quirky! She has been giving fans glimpses at the behind-the-scenes preparations ahead of the show and recently unveiled one of her many stage props - a large, animated toilet

How fun! The artist has been sharing sneak peeks of the preparations leading up to her performance, and just revealed one of her unique stage props – a big, animated toilet.

Unique props: The Teenage Dream singer also revealed another stage prop - a colorful chair and a set of children's wooden number blocks

Katy Perry, the popular singer of “Teenage Dream”, has recently disclosed yet another stage prop that she will be using during her live performances. This addition includes a vibrant chair and a bunch of wooden number blocks that are typically used in children’s playrooms.

Lucrative deal: As reported by Electronic Vegas earlier this year, the Witness songstress allegedly will 'perform two nights a week for four months during the $168 million contract'

According to a previous report by Electronic Vegas, it was stated that the pop star Witness would supposedly entertain fans for two nights per week over a four-month period as part of a $168 million deal. The singer mentioned that she regularly exercises three to five days per week. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed that she has been focusing mainly on strength training and weightlifting. However, she also likes to go hiking with her family, including her partner, actor Orlando Bloom, and their one-year-old daughter Daisy Dove. The Grammy nominee added that they use a hiking backpack that Orlando carries to put Daisy in, and she thoroughly enjoys the experience.

Getting ready: In preparation for the show, Katy said she has been working out three to five days a week and focusing on 'strength training and weights'

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