Megan Fox Becomes Poison Ivy In The Batman Movie Universe In This Stunning Design

By admin Oct17,2023

Batman has some of the best villains in comic book history, and one of the most enduring is Poison Ivy. She was a featured villain in 1997’s “Batman & Robin,” where she was played by Uma Thurman, but these days, she’s better known as Harley Quinn’s main squeeze in the animated Max series, “Harley Quinn.” She’s even currently headlining her own comic book тιтle, which launched in 2022 from G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara, and sees her up to her old tricks in attempting to destroy humanity in order to heal the world.

Over the decades, Ivy has gone through numerous iterations, transforming from a straight-up villain to more of an anti-hero, and it’s high time she gets another chance to appear on the big screen. Whoever plays her will have some mighty big eco-friendly shoes to fill, and Instagram artist Jaxson Derr shows what she might look like with Megan Fox in the role.

The fan art sees Fox in a seductive Poison Ivy outfit, complete with striking red hair and a plant-based costume that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. And fans seem to think Fox has what it takes to play the role. As @chuckschwalm commented, “I think she has the looks for sure and she would rise to the occasion.” Fox is no stranger to action-oriented properties, of course, having previously starred in the “Transformers” movies and more recently “Expend4bles.” But what are the odds that this could actually happen?

Poison Ivy would work for a more fantastical Batman movie

There are several opportunities for Poison Ivy to show up in a future “Batman” movie, with the one that immediately comes to mind being “The Batman Part II,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2022 film. “The Batman” offered a grounded take on Gotham, but there are already rumors suggesting its villain could be Clayface. The sequel may draw its influence from the Golden Age version of the villain, where he was an actor and serial killer, but using Clayface could open the doors for more fantastical villains down the line if writer and director Matt Reeves opts for the putty monster version. This could lead to Poison Ivy’s arrival, but with Hush and Mr. Freeze also rumored for “The Batman Part II,” it’s unlikely there would be room for her at this point.

A far more feasible possibility is for Poison Ivy to re-enter the cinematic fray in “The Brave and the Bold.” While “The Batman” franchise is an Elseworlds story set outside the main DC Cinematic Universe continuity, “The Brave and the Bold” will introduce a new Dark Knight who exists in the main DC timeline. It would be a missed opportunity to have two grounded Batman movie series running concurrently, so the in-continuity version would do well to offer another interpretation of Gotham with more off-the-wall antagonists, like Man-Bat, Maxie Zeus, and, of course, Poison Ivy.

No doubt many actors would love the chance to play Poison Ivy on the big screen. Jessica Chastain even expressed her interest when a “Gotham City Sirens” movie was reportedly in the works. But the prospective casting of Megan Fox as Poison Ivy, as seen in Jaxson Derr’s art, shows she could do the part justice.

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