IS KIM OK? Kim Kardashian sparks concern after fans spot ‘botched’ feature on her face in candid new pH๏τos

By admin Oct18,2023
IS KIM OK? Kim Kardashian sparks concern after fans spot ‘botched’ feature on her face in candid new pH๏τos

KIM Kardashian has sparked concern after fans noticed what they considered to be a botched feature on her face in candid new pH๏τos.

Fans discussed the Hulu star’s facial features on a Kardashian-dedicated online forum. A series of recent, up-close pH๏τos of Kim, 42, were uploaded to a Reddit post тιтled: “Kimberly’s Jaw…”

The author of the post pointed out the Skims founder’s sharp jawline and what appeared to be a bulging protrusion underneath the skin at the jaw joint.

In the comment thread, one person joked: “It’s giving Handsome Squidward!” Another fan commented: “I think that’s a result of plastic surgery,” before noting, “Someone’s [sic] pointed out something similar on Kylie.”

“No, this is part of the natural aging process. A plastic surgeon would never leave a scar there,” argued a third.

A fourth fan agreed, writing: “What you see is part of the natural aging process. The neck will change considerable [sic] as you age and it starts around age 30.”

They continued: “Loss of fat and the creation of vertical bands on the neck, together with loss of elasticity in the skin will do this. It only gets much much worse unless you undergo surgery at a point.

“Kim is aging and while she have [sic] had plastic surgery on many body parts, this actual wrinkle is not a scar.”

The debate over natural aging versus plastic surgery continued as one commenter fired back: “It’s a clear bump there’s no way that’s her natural jaw.

“Even with weight loss her jaw would look like a sharp continuous line but she has this literal ball protruding.”

They reasoned: “She must have had some kind of implant when she had more weight on perhaps to sharpen her outline?” “Or maybe a little lipo around the jawline? It’s fairly common,” contributed another.

While a third person claimed: “I’m almost 100% sure that this is an implant or fillers. Because I’m naturally very skinny and I have a really strong facial bone structure and it does not look like this.”

They concluded: “My jawline is very sharp and noticeable but it doesn’t look like a lump protruding out. Kim’s looks completely unnatural.”


This week, Kim was featured in a new advertisement for her beauty products that showed off her natural face. The 42-year-old’s brand Skkn was promoting its new Resurfacing Mask on its Instagram Feed.

Kim was pictured in the pH๏τo sloppily applying the clear mask to her face, and it was running down her cheeks. She appeared to be applying the mask with a perfectly branded makeup brush.

As her face glistened with the product, it showed off the small wrinkles under her eyes and on her cheeks. In the pH๏τo, the TV personality was wearing a low-cut brown tank top that flaunted a lot of cleavage.

It also showed some of the wrinkles and flaws on her chest right beneath her clavicle. Kim’s hair flowed down her back in natural and untamed curls.

he caption was: “Have you tried our Resurfacing Mask yet? It features a cooling effect for a soothing and refreshing experience.”


Although Kim is reaching her mid-40s, fans think she looks years younger, and many blame it on plastic surgery. Last month, The Kardashians personality was seen looking very fashionable at New York Fashion Week.

Kim was spotted in New York City while wearing a floor-length leather jacket with a burgundy snakeskin design. Even though she was dressed to impress, all eyes were focused on her extremely plump lips.

The mother of four’s mouth looked incredibly pouty as the unedited pH๏τos showed how her lips looked more swollen than usual.

In an online chat room, fans shared their theories, and said: “She doesn’t even know what to do with those big fake lips.” Another said: “They got their own thing going on.”

A third said: “I guess the swelling finally went down.”

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