Megan Fox Plans to Pay Tribute to ‘Fallen Heroes’ in Diablo IV

By admin Oct19,2023

She asked her fans not to die and if they do she will eulogize them

Megan Fox is using her Instagram account to promote Diablo IV,  an action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo IV Characters Can Get Eulogies by Megan Fox

The “Transformers” actress posted a video on Instagram to inform her followers that she would eulogize the fallen heroes, asking the users to share their Diablo IV death clip on Twitter and TikTok.

“Go play Diablo IV… and try not to die  but if you do, rest in peace with one of these roasts-i mean eulogies i have for you,” she captioned her video.

Quieres que Megan Fox te elogie en Diablo 4? Comparte tus muertes con ella - Vandal

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg took to Instagram to blast Blizzard for not releasing Diablo 4 for Apple.

In a video posted on Instagram, the actress said she was excited to play Diablo 4, which she called her “favourite game” series, on her Apple computer, which she called her “favourite gaming system”.

Your Pathetic Diablo IV Death Could Get Eulogized By Megan Fox

Her video elicited reaction from Diablo 4 producer Rod Fergusson who said, “I did not have ‘Whoopi Goldberg yelling at me on Instagram’ on my Diablo 4 launch bingo card,” he stated.

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