TAKE THAT, KANYE! Kim Kardashian shows off curves in a tiny black ʙικιɴι after divorcing husband Kanye West

By admin Oct19,2023

KIM Kardashian has seemed to move on with life unbothered as she basked in a “blue lagoon” despite her divorce from Kanye West.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star has stayed busy with public outings despite feeling the “stress” during her separation.

Kim, 40, took to Instagram today to flaunt her famous body while enjoying a peaceful day with her children.

The reality star looked stunning in her teeny tiny black ʙικιɴι, as she posed in a beautiful crystal-clear lagoon.

The mom of four shared several pH๏τos from their fun-filled outing, as she swam and played with friends.

In her first image, Kim showed off her famous curves after taking a dip, with her hands above her head.

In the second, she adjusted her ʙικιɴι bottoms while drawing attention to her cleavage.

The KKW Beauty founder also swam with her daughter North, seven, who sported a pink bathing suit and long pretty braids.

Several other friends joined the duo, as they soaked up the sun in the iridescent pools.

Kim captioned her upload: “The Blue Lagoon.”

The TV personality has remained outwardly unbothered despite a number of divorce proceedings that lay ahead.

It was previously revealed that divorce wasn’t the busy mom’s first choice, as she hoped that filing would shock Kanye enough and he would make an effort to win her back.

Her plan backfired when Kanye “basically rolled his eyes” over the news, so the ex-couple will continue to move forward towards closure.

A source told The Sun: “Kim loves Kanye and her plan to turn things around by filing for divorce has backfired.

She had visions of the news breaking and Kanye would in turn have a reality check, yet instead he basically rolled his eyes.

“Filing for divorce was incredibly difficult for Kim. She felt this huge gesture and move on her part would make Kanye turn his life around, but unfortunately, it hasn’t.”

The source continued: “So now Kim and Kanye are in a standoff over the next move. Those closest to them say neither of them is willing to give an inch.

“Kanye wants to live his life on his terms and at this point is ok with whatever happens now. He will not bend to Kim’s wishes, he just isn’t willing.”

The insider added: “Kim had high hopes Kanye would realize this divorce would mean KIMYE was no longer. That he would realize they would lose themselves as a brand, something they had spent years building together.

“She literally has been awaiting this huge apology and some promises he would change to make it work but instead, he has stood his ground.

“Kanye seems to have had very little reaction to Kim filing for divorce. In fact, he’s just focusing on work and his new music.”

The insider also explained how Kim’s Sєxy posts have been a cry for attention as nothing else has seemed to do the trick.

The source said: “Kris’s push to help fix the marriage also had no bearing on Kanye and in fact possibly made things worse.

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