Megan Fox has been continuously objectified by the media, with an interviewer focusing solely on her looks during an interview about her movie.

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After fans saw Megan Fox’s character standing over a car engine in the first Transformers movie, she became a star overnight. Sadly for Fox, however, that introduction to the world seems to have boxed in the way that most people look at her.

Similar to how the camera leered at Fox during that scene, it has always seemed like the media doesn’t treat her like a human being. Instead, the media seemed to obsess over Fox’s looks and rumors about her relationship with other stars like The Olsen Twins. A perfect example of the way the media treats Fox is that she had to dismiss a reporter who kept flirting with her.

Inside Megan Fox’s Epic Clapbacks
When Megan Fox was still in her early teens, she made her television debut. Since then, she has continued to make a living as an actor off and on. Since fans and the media have watched Fox from afar for so long, it can be easy for them to feel like they know her.

As a result of that false one-sided intimacy, many people feel like they have the right to call out Fox for things they don’t fully understand. A perfect example of that is when Fox tried to get her fans to donate to her manicurist’s medical GoFundMe, she got called out for being too cheap to pay for the bill herself.

In response, Fox clapped back at the commenters who claimed she was being cheap. “Do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe brit doesn’t want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable?”

Unfortunately for Fox, fans on social media and interviewers have often made ᴀssumptions about her. On top of that, it is amazing how often Fox has dealt with people who are strangers saying or writing inappropriate things about her.

Since Fox has had to defend herself so many times, US Weekly posted an article listing her most epic clapbacks. While it is admirable that Fox sticks up for herself, it is really sad that she has to so often. One example of that is Fox shouldn’t have needed to shut down a flirtatious reporter.

Megan Fox Called Out A Flirtatious Reporter During An Interview With Entertainment Tonight Canada
In 2009, Megan Fox starred in a movie тιтled Jennifer’s Body. In many ways, Fox’s experience working on that film epitomized the way that the media and society has always treated her. Instead of focusing on the film based on its own merits, most of the coverage about Jennifer’s Body focused on her looks.

During the filming of Jennifer’s Body, someone captured pH๏τos of Fox filming a revealing scene on set. That series of images that were taken without Fox’s consent were then posted online and quickly went viral.

Once Jennifer’s Body was released, much of the media’s coverage then unsurprisingly focused on the more salacious elements of the film. Reviewers were unimpressed with Jennifer’s Body which resulted in it only receiving a 46% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the years since Jennifer’s Body was released, the common perception of the film has changed dramatically. Now viewed as a cult classic by many people, fans enjoy what the film has to say about friendship, gender roles, and more.

For anyone trying to figure out why critics couldn’t see Jennifer’s Body’s merits upon its release, the movie’s press junket is very revealing. After all, an interviewer for Entertainment Tonight Canada seemed to only be focused on Fox’s looks during an interview that was supposed to be about the movie.

After initially asking Fox and her co-star Johnny Simmons both how they are doing, ET Canada’s reporter only seemed to care about her. In fact, the only question that Simmons gets asked directly in the entire four-minute interview is what he thinks it is like to be Fox in the middle of the media whirlwind.

Less than two minutes into the interview, the reporter decided to remark about all the people who are attracted to Fox. “Do you numb yourself to, I don’t know if there is a man alive who is not in love with you in some way.”

The reporter continued, “You have to go into every situation when you have a conversation with a man you’ve never met that is going to end at some point with him flirting with you.”

In response to those comments, an uncomfortable-looking Fox seemingly tried to change the subject by dismissing what the reporter said. “You’re so silly. You’re a silly man. You’re a silly man in a checkered shirt.”

When the reporter persisted with talking about people loving Fox, she retorted that her co-star Johnny Simmons doesn’t flirt with her. Instead of moving on, the reporter then insisted that Simmons had actually been hitting on her. “He’s been flirting the whole time we’ve been sitting here.”

After Simmons and Fox tried to play along by joking about him being a bad flirter. Fox then tried to end the conversation about people flirting with her by saying she doesn’t socialize with people much and called herself a recluse.

At that moment, it would have been natural for the reporter to ask a question about Jennifer’s Body. Instead, there was complete silence for a moment. Clearly wondering if the reporter was going to keep asking questions, Fox gave him a confused look.

Seemingly still focused on how attractive Fox is, the reporter then said that he believed the look she gave him was her trying to flirt with him. “Now I think you’re flirting with me.” Since the camera is on the reporter when he said that, there is no way for viewers to know how Fox visually reacted to that comment.

What does seem very clear, however, is the interviewer instantly realized that comment was a mistake. Immediately after saying that he thought Fox was flirting with him, the reporter said, “I’m kidding” At that point, Fox can be heard gasping as the reporter continued by saying, “I’m totally kidding. Come on.”

At that moment, it seems very clear that Fox, Simmons, and the reporter all realize that things have gone off the rails. Possibly wanting to be there for his co-star, Simmons remarked, “Watch this”, turned his head to look at Fox, and she turned away from the reporter to meet her co-star’s gaze.

Yet again, the video cuts to the reporter at that moment, so it is unclear when the actors looked back at him. What is known is that the interviewer finally changed the subject. However, he seemed to exasperate Fox and Simmons once again. This time, the reporter asked the co-stars about going to a club where women dance for money together. In response to that question, Simmons put his head in his hands and Fox rolled her head back while saying, “Oh dude”. All in all, it was a very uncomfortable interview to watch.

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