“Embracing Feminine Strength: Angelina Jolie Empowers her Daughters and Celebrates Women of Substance in ELLE UK Photo-shoot”

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In a recent interview with ELLE UK, Angelina Jolie opened up about her efforts to encourage her daughters, Zahara, Shiloh, and Vivienne, to cultivate their intellect. The actress, who is known for celebrating the strength of individuals, believes that the world needs more “wicked women” who are confident and empowered. Jolie also shared her views on the qualities that make women attractive, and reflected on her work with refugees and conflict survivors over the past 20 years. As a mother of six, including Maddox, Pax, and Knox, Jolie is committed to raising strong-minded and independent children.

'We need more wicked women': Angelina Jolie has revealed she encourages her daughters to 'develop their minds' as she celebrates 'strong' individuals in a new interview with ELLE UK

Angelina Jolie recently spoke about the importance of women developing their minds and being strong individuals in an interview with ELLE UK. The Maleficent star, who split from her partner Brad in 2016 after two years of marriage, defined a “wicked woman” as someone who refuses to follow rules and codes that don’t align with their beliefs. Jolie believes that these strong women are simply tired of injustice and abuse and won’t give up on their voice and rights, even if it means risking death or imprisonment. In fact, Jolie believes that the world needs more “wicked women” like these. The interview also features an elegant fashion shoot styled by Elizabeth Stewart.

Candid: The award-winning actress, 44, revealed she aims to help her girls Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, and Vivienne, 11, become 'strong-minded' in a detailed essay

In an open and honest way, the celebrated actress who has won many awards, at 44 years old, shared her desire to empower her daughters Zahara (14), Shiloh (13), and Vivienne (11) to be independent and confident individuals. This was articulated in a comprehensive essay.

Candid: Angelina shared her thoughts on women's most attractive qualities and reflected on working with refugees and survivors of conflict for nearly two decades

Angelina expressed her opinions on the most alluring characteristics of women and took a moment to contemplate her experiences working with individuals affected by war and displacement for almost 20 years.

Inner beauty: The Unbroken actress lifted the lid on her life away from the spotlight as she explained the advice she shares with her daughters on the idea of inner beauty

In a recent interview, The Unbroken star provided insight into her personal life beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. She shared some valuable wisdom that she imparts on her daughters regarding the concept of inner beauty.

The star of Unbroken recently revealed details about her personal life and gave insights into the advice she imparts to her daughters regarding inner beauty. According to her, she advises them to prioritize mental development over physical appearance. While outward appearance can be improved with a nice dress, it is insignificant if their intellect is not robust.

Making waves: The star has been juggling her acting career with her humanitarian duties

Creating an Impact: An actress and humanitarian in one They say that a woman who possesses a strong will and her own opinions is attractive, even enchanting. This statement could not be truer for the talented actress who has been balancing her acting career with her humanitarian duties. After filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia in 2000, where she met Maddox and later adopted him with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina has been steadfast in her advocacy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). She donated $1 million (£821,980) to Pakistan in response to an emergency appeal and co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative seven years ago. She has since been actively promoting education, women’s rights, and conservation through hands-on initiatives. Angelina is undoubtedly creating waves with her remarkable work.

Doting mother: The Maleficent star shares twins Knox, Vivienne, both 11, Pax, 15, Shiloh, 13, Zaharam 14, and Maddox, 17, (pictured in February) with her estranged husband Brad Pitt

As a loving mom, the famous actress from Maleficent, Angelina Jolie, has six children with her soon-to-be ex-husband Brad Pitt. Among them are twins Knox and Vivienne, both 11, Pax who is 15, Shiloh at 13, Zahara aged 14, and the eldest Maddox who is 17. A photo of the family was taken in February.

Former partner: The mother-of-six split from her long-term partner Brad, 55, in 2016 after just two years of marriage (Pictured 2006)

The mother of six ended her long-term relationship with Brad, who was 55 years old, in 2016 after only being married for two years. (Photo taken in 2006)

Important cause: Angelina has taken a hands-on approach in her humanitarian duties ever since her trip to Cambodia for Tomb Raider back in 2000 (pictured in Maddox in 2003)

Angelina’s dedication to her humanitarian duties has been remarkable since her visit to Cambodia for Tomb Raider in 2000. She took a proactive approach, which has continued till now. A picture taken in 2003 shows her with Maddox, which reflects her passion for helping others.

Radiant: The Arthurian looked sensational in an effortlessly elegant fashion shoot styled by Elizabeth Stewart

The philanthropist appeared stunningly beautiful in a photo shoot that was effortlessly sophisticated, with styling done by Elizabeth Stewart.

Speaking out: 'I often tell my daughters that the most important thing they can do is to develop their minds', she explained

Expressing her thoughts, she shared with her daughters that the key to success is by enriching their minds.

Impressive: Keeping busy with both motherhood and her work in humanities, Angelina is set to play the leading role of Thena in Marvel's superhero film The Eternals, set for release next year

Remarkable: Juggling motherhood and a career in humanities, Angelina Jolie has landed the starring role of Thena in Marvel’s upcoming superhero movie, The Eternals. The film is expected to hit theaters next year. Looking back at her impressive body of work, the talented actress stated that discovering our true purpose in life is an individual journey we must all undertake. As women, we often get sidetracked by our natural inclination to nurture others or conform to societal norms.

Available soon: The September issue of ELLE UK is on sale from Thursday 8 August 2019

ELLE UK’s September issue will hit stands on Thursday 8 August 2019. The magazine’s theme encourages readers to reflect on their true identities, free from societal pressures and expectations. Actress Angelina Jolie shares her personal experience of discovering her life’s purpose while working with refugees in Sierra Leone during a time of brutal civil war. Her humanitarian efforts earned her an honorary damehood for her services to the UK’s foreign policy. Despite balancing motherhood and a career in humanities, Jolie will be starring as Thena in Marvel’s upcoming superhero film The Eternals, scheduled to premiere in November 2020. Don’t miss out on the latest issue of ELLE UK!

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