“Behind the Scenes with Kim Kardashian: Flaunting a Stunning 24in Waistline in White Lingerie for SKIMS Swarovski Shoot”

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Kim Kardashian has recently shared an exclusive glimpse of her latest SKIMS shoot behind the scenes. The 43-year-old television personality has partnered with Swarovski, an Australian crystal company, for this collaboration. In the pictures, Kim was donning a white SKIMS Swarovski bra with matching high-waisted undies, which highlighted her 24-inch waistline. Her hair was pulled back, and she was accessorized with oversized earrings, multiple necklaces, and silver pointed high heels that added six inches to her 5ft3in frame. It is worth mentioning that Kim has a keen interest in crystals and collects Swarovski figurines. During an interview with ELLE, she admitted, “I’ve always had Swarovski figurines and crystals as part of my life. Whenever I use crystals, they’re always Swarovski.”

Blingy babe: Kim Kardashian shared a new behind the scenes look at her new SKIMS shoot. The 43-year-old TV star collaboration with Australian crystal company Swarovski

Kim Kardashian recently posted a sneak peek of her latest SKIMS campaign shoot. The reality TV personality, who is known for her love of all things glamorous, has teamed up with Swarovski, an Australian crystal brand, for this venture.

White heat: The mother of four was seen in a plunging SKIMS Swarovski bra with matching high-waisted undies, both in white. Her hair was pulled back as she had on oversized earrings and several necklaces while adding sparkly and pointy high heels to add six inches to her 5ft3in frame

The mother of four was spotted in a stunning SKIMS Swarovski bra and high-waisted undies, both in white. She completed her look with oversized earrings, several necklaces, and dazzling pointy high heels that added six inches to her height. According to the reality star, her children often gift her Swarovski figurines as they know how much she loves crystals. The collaboration between SKIMS and Swarovski, spearheaded by Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, resulted in an exclusive collection of body-contouring jewelry and shapewear that sparkles with crystals. Kim Kardashian expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying that she has always been a Swarovski enthusiast, and the collaboration has been a dream come true for her. She hopes that the new collection will bring joy to customers and make them feel as happy as she does. The merging of jewelry design and ready-to-wear is something that Kim has always wanted to do, and this collaboration with Swarovski’s expertise in crystals and jewelry and SKIMS’ innovative fabrics made total sense.

Zoomed in: This comes after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians veteran said she collects Swarovski figurines because she is obsessed with crystals. The billionaire revealed that she has been collecting Swarovski statues her 'whole life'

After being asked about her fascination with crystals, the long-time star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians shared that she has a particular affinity for Swarovski figurines. In fact, she went on to disclose that she has been amassing these statues for as long as she can remember. As a self-made billionaire, it’s clear that this hobby brings her joy and fulfillment.

Collector: In an interview with ELLE, she said: 'I've had Swarovski figurines and crystals my whole life. Whenever I use crystals, they're always Swarovski'

The interviewee, a collector, mentioned to ELLE that she has been in possession of Swarovski figurines and crystals for as long as she can remember. Whenever she incorporates crystals into her collection, she always opts for Swarovski products.

The diva also showed off a skintight nude bodysuit that she accessorized with a silver Swarvoski bodychain

The superstar flaunted a form-fitting flesh-toned one-piece outfit, complete with a shimmering Swarovski body chain as an accessory.

She posed with her hands on her hips as she showed off the dazzling look

With her hands confidently resting on her hips, she proudly displayed the stunning appearance.

Mannequins: Kim was joined by her go-to Skims models, all clad in pieces from the collection, for a shot

Kim enlisted her trusted Skims models to showcase the latest collection in a stunning photo shoot. When asked about her favorite piece, the reality star couldn’t pick just one. Instead, she raved about the Swarovski x Skims looks that can be created by layering the ready-to-wear pieces, which are adorned with hundreds of crystals. Her top pick from the campaign was pairing the classic Skims cotton intimates under a sparkly stretch net dress and body jewelry, creating a sporty yet extravagant look. Kim loves mixing the casual cotton pieces with the glitz and glamour of crystal-encrusted attire and accessories.

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