Katy Perry Explains Why She Made a “Conscious Decision” to Have a Baby

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Katy Perry admitted she’s glad she decided to have a baby last year and didn’t “keep bulldozing ahead” with her career, as she reflected on her daughter Daisy Dove’s “unwavering, unconditional love.”

Nearly eight months after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove, Katy Perry reflected on why she’s glad she decided to have a baby at this stage of her life.

Katy said she had the opportunity to climb every career mountain, but now recognizes that being a mother is “the best job” and “the most fulfilling,” as she told Miranda Kerr on Instagram Live on Tuesday, April 13.

“There was no feeling like the feeling when I had my daughter,” the American Idol judge gushed. “That was like all the love that I was ever searching for. It was like bam.”

She compared the love she experiences as a mother to the adoration she receives as a celebrity and singer, saying, “Your art is validated by the outside world and that fluctuates. Sometimes you are beloved and then sometimes people are like, ‘No, I don’t like that, moving on.’”

Katy Perry explains why she made a “conscious decision” to have a baby with  Orlando Bloom – WJJY 106.7

However, with Daisy, “The love from your children is constant and unconditional and isn’t based on what you have, what you don’t have, what career… So that’s definitely made me feel so full, to know that there’s this unwavering, unconditional love.”

And that’s why Katy, 36, is glad that she didn’t “keep bulldozing ahead” with her career and “disregarding” her desire to be a mother.

“It’s amazing to have this opportunity to be a businesswoman, but at 34, when I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready,’ I’m so glad I made the conscious decision to actually try and do that,” she revealed.

The “Roar” artist added of her path to motherhood, “I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on that opportunity… It’s been the best thing.”

The real reason Miranda asked Katy, who is engaged to her ex-husband Orlando Bloom, to join her for the Insta Live love fest on Tuesday was to mark the launch of her new Kora Organics Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. In addition to raving about the moisturizer, Katy expressed that Miranda gives her all the best health tips.

Katy Perry admits she's been 'learning to be a mum fast' in lockdown | Katy  perry pregnant, Katy perry, Katy perry music videos
The musician said that whenever Miranda and Orlando’s 10-year-old son, Flynn, comes over to their house, he always brings a fantastic “nugget of knowledge of either skincare or food” that he’s learned from his mom.

Katy shared that Flynn came home one day and said that he doesn’t eat eggs anymore. Katy did some resea

rch and then also cut out eggs from her diet, thanks to Miranda, who said she recently took a course at Stanford University about food health.

Since then, Katy has been on a mission to adopt a healthier lifestyle after having her baby last August. “I went through this huge transformation after having Daisy about, what am I putting into my body?” she explained.

Her solution was to go 80 percent plant-based (“besides last weekend when I was just crazy, because I was with some friends for the first time.”)

Don’t worry, she “got back on track,” and even started searching for more natural beauty products, including shampoo and conditioner.

She praised Miranda for being the health guru in her life, saying, “In our modern family, she’s probably the most health conscious of everyone. Although, Orlando, you guys [both] obviously really love that.”

Miranda agreed that the Lord of the Rings alum is very into fitness, to which Katy replied, “Yes, he’s an Adonis.”

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