Katy Perry’s Close Call with a Wardrobe Malfunction: Her Petite Plaid Miniskirt Scare

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Katy Perry had an almost wardrobe malfunction while searching for a new home with her family in Beverly Hills. The 29-year-old singer wore a skirt that did not provide enough coverage when she had to bend down to pick something up from the ground. Katy is known for her daring stage outfits, but this accidental flash was not deliberate.

On the hunt: Katy Perry was joined by her family as she looked potential properties in Beverly Hills this weekend

According to reports, Katy Perry has put up her former Hollywood Hills home for sale. The property used to be shared with her ex-husband Russell Brand. News also suggests that the singer is now on the lookout for a new place to reside in. Furthermore, she has launched a campaign called Make Roar Happen, which aims to support DonorsChoose.org by raising funds. Additionally, Perry is set to embark on a 46-city tour of North America starting this month.

Bum note: Katy's skirt proved less than ideal for bending down and checking out car-tyres

DonorsChoose.org is a digital non-profit organization that aims to assist teachers and their students in American public schools. The platform allows teachers to post their classroom projects on the website, and donors can select the project that they find most appealing to donate to. Recently, Katy played a vital role in presenting a generous contribution of $1 million from Staples Inc. to help fund numerous teacher projects for the upcoming school year.

Katy recently sold her 3 acre Hollywood Hills home that she lived in with her ex-husband Russell Brand and it appears that she's looking for a brand new place to call home

Katy Perry in car

During an interview, she expressed her belief in the power of knowledge, particularly for women. She emphasized that education can enhance self-assurance, making females more confident in their abilities.

Katy Perry in Mini Skirt - Out in Beverly Hills - June 2014

Perry shared that despite not being privileged with a strong education during her upbringing, she actively pursues knowledge by exploring museums and national parks during her travels. She explained that instead of spending her time shopping, she prefers to learn her way around the world.

Colourful: Katy shows that clashing colours are not always bad at a press conference for her education support campaign

Perry was excited about the ‘Make Roar Happen’ initiative as a lot of her supporters are students. Despite being a role model, she doesn’t allow it to dictate her actions. She understands that individuals look up to her, but she desires her influence to be more motivating than simply imitative. Perry believes that everyone should make their own decisions based on their own values instead of copying hers. Nevertheless, she expects that her hard work, determination, and honesty will inspire others.

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