Katy Perry dazzles in trendy snakeskin ensemble for American Idol’s 20th Anniversary Bash in Hollywood

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On Monday night, Hollywood’s Desert 5 Spot hosted American Idol’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, and Katy Perry was in attendance. The 37-year-old singer donned a form-fitting outfit that showcased her toned physique and flashed a big grin throughout the star-studded event. Other notable figures associated with the program, such as Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, were also present for the festivities.

Va va voom: Katy Perry attended American Idol's 20th Anniversary Celebration at Desert 5 Spot in Hollywood on Monday evening

Katy Perry made heads turn as she graced the American Idol’s 20th Anniversary Celebration held at Desert 5 Spot in Hollywood on a Monday evening. The pop icon donned a stunning sleeveless top with intricate patterns that accentuated her well-toned arms. She paired the top with a matching maxi skirt that snuggly hugged her shapely legs. To add a touch of edginess to her ensemble, she opted for black high-heeled shoes that complemented her entire look. Her jet-black locks cascaded over her shoulders, creating a beautiful contrast against the vibrant hues of her outfit. Perry indeed looked like va va voom personified!

Dressed up: Perry rocked an intricately patterned sleeveless top that showed off her toned arms during the function

Looking chic: Perry donned an elaborate printed blouse without sleeves that flaunted her well-defined biceps at the event.

Keeping it consistent: The California Girls singer also sported a matching maxi skirt that conformed tightly to her toned legs

Staying in sync: The songstress from California boasted a perfectly coordinated maxi skirt that hugged her fit legs closely.


During the celebratory occasion, Perry was seen taking a picture with her colleagues who also served as judges. Richie, aged 72, kept his outfit simple by wearing a dark orange zip-up jacket over a black t-shirt. He accessorized with sunglasses that were hanging on a silver chain. Bryan, aged 45, chose to dress in a similar manner with a black zip-up jacket and a matching t-shirt while mingling with his fellow judges.

Good company: Perry also posed for a photo with her fellow judges as she spent time at the celebratory event

Great companionship: Perry took a snapshot with her co-judges during the festive occasion while enjoying their company.


Perry joined the judging panel of American Idol in its sixteenth season back in 2018 when the show made its comeback after being cancelled following its fifteenth season in 2016. The singer was a fresh face to the newly-rebooted program which had previously featured popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Nicki Minaj, among others. The latest season of American Idol premiered in February this year and is currently airing on ABC.

In the past: Perry began serving as a judge on American Idol during its sixteenth season, which originally premiered in 2018

Previously: Katy Perry joined the American Idol judging panel for the show’s 16th season in 2018.


Even though Perry has been busy judging, she is gearing up for the third installment of her Play residency. The talented artist has already completed two successful runs of her career retrospective shows at Resorts World Las Vegas, which received rave reviews from critics. The concerts started on December 29 of last year and will continue with the upcoming third run starting on May 27, followed by the fourth and final run beginning on July 29.

Staying busy: Although Perry has devoted much of her time to judging the program, she is currently prepping to start the third leg of her Play residency; she is seen in 2021

Despite her role as a judge on a certain program, Perry has been keeping busy with preparations for the third installment of her Play residency in 2021. In an interview with BroadwayWorld, she shared that the show’s design and storyline are heavily influenced by the themes present in her music. Perry emphasized her desire to create an entirely unique and immersive musical experience for her fans, one that reflects her own imaginative reality. When writing, she often finds herself lost in a whimsical world of her own creation, which now serves as the basis for her upcoming residency.

Speaking her mind: The performer previously spoke about her residency during an interview with BroadwayWorld, and she noted that the show's look and narrative was based on the content of her songs; she is seen in 2021

Sharing her thoughts openly: The artist expressed her thoughts on her residency in an interview with BroadwayWorld, mentioning that the show’s visuals and storytelling are inspired by the themes in her music. This statement was made in 2021.

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