Dakota Johnson, Megan Fox to Scarlett Johansson, Hollywood actresses’ awkward moment on live TV; watch

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It is quite normal for Hollywood stars to blurt out awkward statements or get candid unnecessarily in front of the media. Many big superstars are famous for their tongue-in-cheek humour or even weird responses to intelligent questions. It is expected of them to take care of their image and hence accordingly behave and dress appropriately based on whether it is a premiere, a green or red carpet event.

However, when it comes to the live television interviews, slip of the tongue or being rude or direct is not restricted only to these Hollywood stars. Rather, many famous actors from the Western world of entertainment have faced a few awkward moments and discomforting silences because the host or the audience on the show was quite direct with their approach or were simply very rude.

Most of the Hollywood actresses have faced questions related to their body shapes and at times these interviewers overstepped their boundaries which is just unforgivable.

Anne Hathaway
During the promotion of her movie “The Dark Night Rises” Anne was offended when she was asked by the interviewer about her body shape so that she could fit in the Catwoman suit. The interviewer simply asked how she managed to maintain a body shape so that she can get into that feline suit. Offended by this Anne sharply reacted asking the interviewer whether he is trying to get into shape. That had him fumbling words while Anne continued the interview with gusto.

Dakota Johnson
The “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress was once stumped by Ellen DeGeneres when she asked Dakota why she has not invited her to her birthday party. What followed was quite an interesting give and take with Dakota having the final word.

Jennifer Aniston
During one of her interviews on The Late Show, David Letterman, the famous host surprised Jenny and her fans when he made the Friends actress uncomfortable by kissing and sucking her hair strands. It was just obvious that Aniston had a pretty awkward moment then and did not know how to react. David was mercilessly bashed for his act by the fans of the Hollywood star.

Megan Fox
The Hollywood star known for her roles in popular movie franchises like Transformer and The Expendables has been subjected to Sєxually harᴀssing comments all through her life for her smashing looks and body. When once during an interview the interviewer said that there is no man on this earth who is not in love with you Megan, the actress was visibly astounded and called him a silly man in a checkered shirt.

The reply hit the interviewer right on the spot and he just tried to save his face by saying that he was just kidding.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett was taken aback when during one of the interviews while promoting a movie she was asked whether she could wear any undergarments under the tight black dress that she wore for “Black Widow.” A shocked Scarlett said, “What kind of interview is this?”

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