“I thought I was going to die”: Before Megan Fox’s Career Threatening Comments About Michael Bay, Scarlett Johansson Slammed Director For Inhuman Shoot on Flop Film

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Apart from creating blockbuster action movies, Michael Bay is quite familiar with controversies. Facing ups and downs in his career with his fair share of successful movies and box office failures, the director is also known for his bizarre and inhuman methods of shooting. Once Megan Fox slammed Bay and compared him to Hitler after she was allegedly taken out of the Transformers franchise.

While Megan Fox’s controversy irked agitation among several celebrities and directors, Michael Bay stepped out of the speculations and gossip without a scratch. However, later the filmmaker was further criticized by Scarlett Johansson after she worked with Bay in the 2005 box office disaster, The Island.

Megan Fox’s Career-Threatening Comments About Michael Bay
Following Megan Fox’s downfall after being allegedly taken out of the Transformers franchise, the actress has been constantly making headlines through controversies. However, the actress certainly spoke her mind when she started speculations about Michael Bay after losing her career-boosting movie.

Interestingly, Megan Fox made career-threatening accusations against her Transformers director, after alleging that she was purposefully taken out of the franchise, as she started pointing out the truth about Michael Bay. During an interview, Fox openly compared Bay with Napoleon and Hitler, which caused extreme agitation in the film industry.

“[Bay’s] like Napoleon, and he wants to create this insane, infamous madman reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for,” Megan Fox claimed.

Although the director and producers planned to fire Megan Fox, the actress decided to walk out of the franchise with her reputation intact and not ᴀssociate with Michael Bay. While taking out Fox from the franchise certainly shut the actress from making further comments, she wasn’t the only one who slammed Bay.

Scarlett Johansson Slammed Michael Bay’s Shooting Method
Following Megan Fox’s brutal comments against Michael Bay, another renowned actress joined in to criticize the director after personally working with him. Scarlett Johansson made her points clear about the director after she was chosen to work with Bay in his 2005 movie, The Island.

Slamming the 58-year-old for his brutal and inhuman treatment while filming, Scarlett Johansson opened up about her first-day shooting experience with Bay. Although The Island turned into a box office catastrophe, Michael Bay apparently forced his actors to work like slaves, according to Johansson.

“I came home and I thought I was going to die. I was in agony. I had muscles that had atrophied. I couldn’t run any longer and it was only the first day.” Scarlett Johansson stated.

Discussing how the same thing happened to her co-star Ewan McGregor, the actress mentioned, “Ewan was in the same boat. He had black and blue marks all over him.” Although Johansson’s comments never affected the director, the actress along with her co-star was further blamed for sinking The Island.

Producers of the movie held the MCU actress and McGregor’s minor status responsible for the film’s commercial failure. Evidently, the blame game appears familiar just like it happened with Fox, after she dragged out the truth about Michael Bay.

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