“Katy Perry Sizzles in a Vintage-Inspired Swimsuit and Shades while Shooting a Steamy Beach Music Video in Hawaii”

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Katy Perry is a famous singer recognized for her unique and vibrant style. Recently, she was in Hawaii filming her latest music video, and she looked like a tropical retro queen. The 34-year-old artist was lounging on the beach wearing a beautiful floral swimsuit while enjoying the sun and watching the waves crash onto the shore.

Beachy: Katy Perry simply oozed tropical retro vibes as she soaked up the sun while filming her latest music video in Hawaii on Tuesday

Vacation mode: The 34-year-old songstress relaxed on the sand wearing a vibrant floral bathing suit as she watched the waves crash along the shore

Katy Perry exuded a tropical and retro vibe while shooting her newest music video in Hawaii. The singer looked stunning as she sat atop a sand dune, donning a vibrant floral swimsuit in shades of orange, green, yellow, and white. Her plunging swimsuit gave a peek of her ample assets while highlighting her sun-kissed legs as she sang soulfully for the cameras. Perry’s shoulder-length platinum blonde hair was styled in beachy waves and partially obscured by a floppy straw hat.

A mood: Katy looked at ease while gazing across the crystal blue water of the Pacific Ocean with two glamorous swimwear-clad friends

Katy appeared relaxed as she took in the stunning view of the Pacific Ocean with two stylish friends in swimsuits. Her beach babe look was absolutely stunning, with a vibrant floral one-piece featuring bold shades of yellow, green, orange and white.

Island vibes: She sat on top of a sand dune wearing a colorful floral swimsuit with bright shades of yellow, green, orange and white

Feeling the Island’s Aura: Perched atop a sandy knoll, she donned a vibrant floral bathing suit in shades of sunny yellow, leafy green, warm orange, and pristine white. The retro-inspired strappy one-piece hugged her curves, with a daringly low-cut back and a flattering cut that skimmed just above her thighs.

Action! Katy sat in the middle of two gal pals, with one woman wearing an electric orange swimsuit and another friend sporting a funky floral bikini

Let’s roll! Katy was seated between two of her girlfriends, one wearing a dazzling orange swimsuit while the other had on a lively floral bikini.

To shield herself from the damaging effects of the sun, she wore stylish teal blue sunglasses. Accompanied by two stunning friends, the celebrity enhanced her natural beauty with a vibrant makeup palette while enjoying the picturesque scenery. Earlier that day, Katy sported a stunning bright red swimsuit adorned with large white flowers on the hips as she strolled along the shoreline with a smile on her face. The famous artist was filming a new video, and she seemed to be enjoying every moment as she dipped her toes in the sand. Her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair had a beachy wave, partially concealed under the brim of a floppy straw hat.

The gang's all here! The whole crew took a moment in between filming to soak up the sun and watch the water

Everyone’s present and accounted for! The entire team paused their filming session to enjoy the warm sunshine and admire the scenic water view.

Hot stuff: Katy looked stunning as she paraded up the beach in the busty swimsuit

Katy made heads turn as she flaunted her curves in a revealing swimsuit while strolling along the beach. She looked absolutely gorgeous and radiated confidence with her bold choice of attire.

Just one look: She played around in the water as a photographer caught her good angles

With just a single glance, she seemed to be having a lot of fun in the water while a skilled photographer captured her best angles.

Beauty! Earlier in the day, Katy donned a bright red swimsuit with large white flowers on her hips as she pranced along the shoreline

Island vibes: The singer donned a bright red swimsuit with large white flowers on her hips as she pranced along the shoreline

Wow! Katy looked stunning as she strutted along the beach wearing a vibrant red swimsuit adorned with big white flowers on her hips.

With her long and slender legs on display, she donned a vibrant red swimsuit that perfectly matched her bold personality. The high-cut design accentuated her curves while two stunning white plumeria flowers nestled against her hips under the lush green leaves. Her newly styled wet and wavy shoulder-length blonde hair framed her glowing face, complemented by a single matching white plumeria tucked behind one ear. Completing her beach look were a pair of bamboo hoop earrings, adding an effortless yet chic touch to her overall appearance.

Beach babe: She sported a fiery red bathing suit which was high cut to reveal her long and lean legs

Just a dip! Katy frolicked around the shoreline in a red suit

The lady at the beach was wearing a stunning red swimsuit that showcased her slender legs with its high-cut design.

Gorgeous: Katy was all-smiles as she dipped her toes in the sand while filming a new video

Katy looked absolutely stunning as she enjoyed the beach during a video shoot, flashing her pearly whites and soaking up the sunshine.
Her beautiful baby blue eyes were perfectly accentuated with a combination of pink and purple eye shadow, complemented by a subtle pink gloss on her lips.
Taking a quick break from filming, Katy indulged in a refreshing drink adorned with a lime wedge, laughing and joking around with the crew.
As the sun began to set, Perry took a moment to appreciate the breathtaking scenery while the team prepared for the next shot.

Blooming: Two massive white plumeria flowers were perched atop her hips underneath dark green leafs

In full bloom, a pair of gigantic white plumeria blossoms sat gracefully on her hips, surrounded by lush dark green leaves.

A look: The Santa Barbara-born beauty showed off new, shoulder-length blonde hair worn wet and wavy

New 'do: Her light blonde tresses cascaded down past her shoulders

The stunning lady from Santa Barbara flaunted her fresh hairstyle – a blonde shoulder-length cut that had a chic wet and wavy look.

Good times: Perry shared a few laughs with the large crew as the set up new shots while taking in the breathtaking sunset

Perry had a great time with a big group while they set up new shots and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. On Valentine’s Day, Orlando Bloom proposed to Katy with a stunning diamond ring, making her an engaged woman. According to People magazine, the couple plans to tie the knot later this year and is working with a planner to finalize all the wedding details. While Katy appears to be leading the planning process, Orlando is also involved and they both seem relaxed about it. The two have been in an on-and-off relationship since January 2016, having met at the Golden Glove Awards in Beverly Hills. Katy was previously married to Russell Brand for almost two years, and Bloom has a son named Flynn with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Snap happy: She positioned one arm above her head for a seductive photo shoot

She got snap-happy and struck a seductive pose by raising one arm above her head during a photo shoot.

Bride-to-be: The couple are reportedly set to tie the knot later this year as a source told People magazine that 'they are using a planner to finalize all the wedding details'

The soon-to-be bride and groom are said to be getting married later this year, as per sources cited by People magazine. According to reports, they have hired a wedding planner to help them sort out all the necessary details for their big day.

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