Katy Perry’s Journey: Overcoming Depression, Embracing Meditation, and Using Her Voice for Positive Change

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Katy Perry, the pop sensation, is now ready to showcase her genuine self to the world with a new partner and a rejuvenated mindset.

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Greg Swales captured Katy Perry in a photo shoot styled by Anaita Adajania Shroff. The talented artist discovered the secret to curing jet lag during the four days leading up to her performance at the OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai last November. Despite her long flight, she managed a meet-and-greet with fans, interviews with newspapers, television channels and radio, mingled with Bollywood, and wrapped up a meeting with her music label. She shared her secret for overcoming jet lag is transcendental meditation. Her latest album released in 2019 demonstrates her emotional maturity as she explores the gamut of emotions from obsession to heartbreak. Katy may have transformed into Katy Perry 2.0 but still enjoys having fun, exploring new things, and spending time with her stepson Flynn. She believes that artists do not always have to suffer emotionally to create great art.

Perry’s image as a bubblegum pop star may not suggest a tortured artist, but she aims to write songs that inspire and uplift people. If you were to divide her songs, they would consist of 50% empowerment, 25% party, and 25% romance. Her lyrics are filled with hope and positivity, and she refuses to dwell on darkness. Spending just five minutes with Perry is enough to feel her infectious positivity take hold. She approaches everyone with a curious and endearing attitude, asking about their lives and even greeting the goldfish on the table. In fact, she even tries to pronounce her Devanagari tattoo correctly when speaking with the server.

Skill is required to capture the attention of Gen-Z, a generation born into technology with notoriously short attention spans. Authenticity is key, and Katy Perry believes that her youthful mindset and genuine demeanor resonate with young people the most. During a concert, she endears herself to fans by openly admitting to sweating profusely and bouncing back on stage in a neon green jumpsuit and sneakers to explain that her costume had ripped due to excessive perspiration. Perry’s charm lies in her ability to connect with audiences as a relatable human being rather than a polished robot.

Despite facing her toughest time in 2017-18 when she fell into a depression, singer Katy Perry has since emerged as a vocal advocate of mental health. She believes people should talk more about the brain, which plays a crucial role in keeping humans functioning. Perry has been misunderstood in the past, with her sartorial choices and appearance on Sesame Street prompting negative comments. However, she continues to use her platform to represent various causes, including children’s education and the environment. At 35, she is looking for new challenges, including involvement in environmental companies and encouraging good people to run for office.

Although she hasn’t shared any specifics about her upcoming wedding, she has expressed her desire to have a large family and retire in a communal setting with loved ones. While she hasn’t found all of life’s answers, she has come to understand the message of her tattoo, which is to simply go with the flow. Despite being in the public eye for over a decade and making numerous mistakes, she intends to keep trying and living life to the fullest. She acknowledges that setbacks may occur, but she believes it’s more important to focus on getting back up rather than how you fell. Check out the full interview in Vogue India’s January 2019 issue, available now.

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Captured by Greg Swales and styled by Anaita Adajania Shroff, Katy is seen wearing a stunning embroidered slip dress, paired with a patchwork coat and a printed robe – all from Sabyasachi. She accessorizes her look with two necklaces from Sabyasachi Jewelry. The hair is styled by Shon Hyungsun Ju/The Wall Group while Michael Anthony/Forward Artists takes care of the makeup. The shoot was made possible with the help of several assistants such as Lavoisier Clemente, Casey Franklin, Ryan Martis, Priyanka Kapadia, Fabio Immedao, Naheed Driver, and Tamra Natisin. The production was orchestrated by Divya Jagwani, Prachiti Parakh, Jay Modi, and Imran Khatri Productions. The photoshoot took place at the scenic Mukesh Mills in Colaba.

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